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Session 17 (Ravian)

One day till the blessing

Played on August 24th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

102 23.M41 - Cryin Clotha

Low light conditions in the large room create a domestic atmosphere. Locals, amongst them some Ashleen, and some foreigners mingle here and chatter, while enjoying their drinks. We find an empty table and sit down. A waiter, also Ashleen, with a nervous twitch, asks us how he can be of our service.
He's got three drinks to offer; amesec, spitbrew and gritwater. As the latter sound a bit weird, most of us decide to order a pint of amesec. As both Castella and Novus notice the waiter pouring the drinks from a very dusty and cobwebby bottle, they argue with him about the quality of the drink. I don't care too much as it's quite tasty in my opinion.
As I'm done with my first glass, I head over to the bar to get a refill. The waiter fills my glass again and I start examining the price list. I almost choke on a sip, when I notice how frikkin much this stuff costs. As my mouth's still pretty dry from the long day driving through the dust, I decide to switch to the much cheaper spitbrew and also treat the waiter to a drink.

One by one, the team starts heading upstairs, the first one being Octia, who's not looking to great today. I end up falling asleep on one of the tables with a half full glass beside me.

103 23.M41 - Psychic Phenomena

The next morning when I wake up I notice a lot of people around me finishing up with their breakfast. Amongst them I notice Vhadeen and Castella. I think she spend a good deal of the night polishing her armour as it looks brand-spanking new again, after the harsh dusty winds yesterday had turned it into a squeaky and scratched mess.
I also have some kind of breakfast and then head outside to find a nice quiet spot to tend to my wounds. After that I walk around the site a bit and notice Vhadeen working out and Castella running laps around the Cathedral in her suit of armor.
After a while Arquis mentions over the microbead that we're to assemble in the big building. There we head to Octia's room who's 'enjoying' her breakfast. She tells us we'll be visiting the Abbott today to determine what steps to undertake next.

Southwest of the cathedral we walk towards a bunker like structure. Inside we meet up again with brother Lamark who escorts us into the room with the Abbott. His room contains some antique furniture and wall paintings depicting the life of St. Drusus. There's two people here, the Abbott with a white sash and huge ornamental staff and the guard who stopped us yesterday when we tried to enter the compound.
He tells us he's very happy to have such an experienced group at his disposal, to research the strange events which occurred during the build. As the blessing will take place tomorrow afternoon when the sun is at its highest potion, he hopes we'll be there to safeguard the ceremony.
He also tells us about what has events took place, bleeding walls, crying statues, weird lights in the hills. But they never were able to determine the cause.

One of the statues which has been crying, the Abbott tells us, can be found inside the cathedral right beside the altar. One of the workers tells us, it was Krask who saw it all happening. But he's not working inside the building anymore as he's too scared for something else to happen. Castella and Novus find him working outside and start interrogating him. They learn what he has seen. Novus asks me if I can check if he's honest about it, and as far as I can tell he really means what he's been telling us.
Other colleagues tell us about smelling sulphur or hearing drums or the noise of birds or even screams. They also have noticed machines suddenly stopped working, with sometimes deadly consequences. As I test the psychic powers being at work here, I notice a slight residue of it all. It seems these people are really telling the truth.

103 23.M41 - 11:00 AM - The hills have eyes

We decide to head off into the hills to find out about the lights which appear there at night. We also learn that a very respected Ashleen lives there. This woman, Esha Raine, will be visiting tomorrow to witness the blessing. She was very much against the location, which has been chosen to build the cathedral though.
As we're nearing mid-day, we reach a large plateau in the hills. We also notice two creepy birds following us in the distance. After we've crossed the plateau we need to climb a little to continue our journey. I succeed in scaling the hill, leaving the others standing at the bottom.
As the birds are still following us I'd really like to know where they come from and what they want. By invoking a spasm, I force the birds to plummet to the ground, where Castella shoots one down. The other one can barely regain its powers and flies off. It turns out we've just shot down some kind of flying reptile.
As they're examining the creatures corpse I suddenly smell something behind me and I can barely dodge a charging boar. It's something out of this world with its monkeyhead with large tusks and a snakelike tongue, nearly freaking me out. It lets out a terrifying scream, which makes Castella flee and Novus clawing at himself out of fear. As the boar comes charging towards me I spasm it to the ground and try to shoot it.

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