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Session 18 (Ravian)

Blessed is the Cathedral

Played on August 31th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

103 23.M41 - Fending of the boar

After a long fight Zuka pulls out his las pistol and shoots the boar in the head. After all the beating it has taken it just explodes into tiny icky bits and the body of the boar catches fire and runs of, past Castella who just regained her calm. Vhadeen and Zuka catch fire from the flaming boar and we quickly try to extinguish the fire.
After this incident we decide to head back to the Cathedral. Then we hear the screech of the second crow like beast. Vhadeen grabs his shotgun and shoots the crow. Castella finishes of the beast.

When we reach the fenced area we see brother Lamark talking with the guard. He signals us and when we reach him he asks how we've doing today.
When we're inside the walled area again, Vhadeen takes a nap to regain his strength. Castella has her work cut out, cleaning up her armour which is all dusty. At dinnertime everybody heads inside where Castella is telling everybody about the 'three-headed rhinos' which attacked us today. She also tries to get people to talk but they all seem pretty occupied with whatever they were doing. Eventually we all go upstairs to get some sleep before the big day tomorrow.

104 23.M41 - Bless the Cathedral

The next morning I wake up with something which resembles a hangover. It's the Warp which is not feeling to happy today it seems. In the hallway I stumble over Arquis feet, who has taken post in front of Octia's door.
From outside we hear a lot of noise and chanting. When we go outside we see eight people approaching on huger war dogs, the size of elephants. They're wearing bulky armour decorated with skulls and their leader is wearing two large spears across his back. Asking someone in the crowd, which has gathered three rows thick, reveals this is the warchief and the deathsinger, who are here for the festivities. The deathsinger get s of her mount and is welcomed by Lamark who takes her to the monastery.
In the meantime Octia has woken up with what seems a big fever. She asks Arquis to take her place during the ceremony today. The crowd disperses and preparations for today continue. Octia has finally been able to get downstairs and is having a small breakfast, talking about what we're to do today and something about Tarot cards, she explains she's seen something lost, a little child and a rising priest.

As the ceremony is about to start, Vhadeen and Zuka take up guard at the entrance. The rest of us are seated on the front row. The organ fills the Cathedral with its thundering sound. The doors swing open and the Abbot enters followed by two priests. Arquis explains the situation and that we're to assist during the ceremony.
Everybody is now invited inside and the ceremony commences. Arquis speeches about the greatness of what has been performed here and the crowd listens to every word he says. Halfway through the ceremony Octia joins us.
The Abbott finalizes the ceremony with the words:
On this day, brothers and sisters, the God-Emperor of humanity casts His eye to this world so distant from His Golden Throne.
On this day, He acknowledges your great faith and bless our endeavours. I know you have long fought in the darkness, thinking to see no dawn.
It is upon you at last, and today shall live in history forever and we shall be witness to a great miracle!

Then all of a sudden the ringing of the alarm bells can be heard coming from every direction and the Abbot cries out 'For blood is the sacrament of the Imperium!

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