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B'redaru Woodcarver




A dwarf in full plate steam armor.


Follower of Yisha. The true goddess of steam, the true goddess who created Phlogiston. Created through the arcane and the coming of B'redaru. Her entering of this world was prophecised to go through a great champion of small size. She has found her champion in B'redaru, he will work to become her chosen one and to save his village from the fall of the shieldspell. The greater goal for the village to all become followers of Yisha. This will allow her to become one of the greater gods. B'redaru does not totally see it as a religion yet, he does not pronounce the word of Yisha. Though the ways of her belief are the same as those as B'redaru and he will try to enlighten the world to strong belief, warmth and truth.


The birth of B'redaru.

Kamyh wiped the sweat, he just removed from his forehead, on his pants. This tree had to go down as fast as possible in his opinion. His first child was to be born today and he wanted to be home when his dearest Frysiah would start the ritual of birth. Work came before anything in the small village, things had to be done before the night fell. It was not that the villagers were scared or anything, but strange things just happened outside the village when the world was dark and men were supposed to sleep. The high and impassable mountain range to the west and the huge ironroot forest surrounding it on all other sides were filled with many wondrous but dangerous things. It was a village of no importance, it had no name, it had nothing to offer to the world and nothing ever happened to effect the world in any way. At least that's what the villagers and the rest of the world thought.

Today was a special day for Kamyh, Frysiah and the village, birth was quite a happening for the village. They had long lives and births happened only when an elder was about to die to make place in the world for a new soul. The perfect balance for a little village in the middle of nowhere. The villagers did not know who was about to die, but there are always elders who are willing to pass on to the next world and meet their elders and loved ones again. But this choice was not made by the elders themselves, but would only be found out when the time was there.

Unbeknowest to all the villagers the balance of the village would soon be disrupted and the birth of the new member of the community would be of quite some more importance to the world. They would not find this out for many a year to come, as the new child would not disturb the balance until he was full grown and an outside source would influence his life and that of the village.

But all this does not matter now and the village was both doing their daily tasks and making things ready for the evening feast. The darkness of the forest would be far away as the village would have lights everywhere to light the way between the houses. Everyone has to be able to visit every house and every building, especially the one where the new child would be born. Many a barrel of precious oils would be spent on this day to keep the world alight. But it was all worth it according to the villagers, it was where they saved the oils for during the many years between births.

Grabbing the ax in his two strong hands he prepared to make the final blows that would allow the tree to fall exactly where he wanted it to go. The area was cleared and his friends were standing aside to start cleaning the tree of all it's side branches to cut the the tree itself in smaller parts for furniture. All houses were in good repair, but the house of Kamyh needed some extra furniture for the soon to be newborn child. Kamyh being the most talented woodworker in the village almost always took care of all their furniture needs. This role would most probably be passed on to the new child if it turned out to be a son. Though the children almost always took over their father's or mother's trade, they always had free choice and if they were either not up to the task or would have a strong aversion for it, it certainly was allowed to choose another profession. After the children were born the fathers and mothers still always had a long life ahead of them and another one would be born later to fill in the missing role. Somehow there was always balance and for all different village tasks there were villagers to keep the village going.

Three more hits from the ax and Kamyh decides that the work with the axe is done and the preparation of the fall can begin. He walks around the tree to line himself opposite of the tree to where it was going to fall. He carefully lay his ax aside and took one more quick look around the tree to see if all was in order. He pressed the palms of his hands against the tree and slowly started to push. A blue glow surrounded the spot where his hands touched the bark and his arm muscles started to bulge as he put all his arm and inner strength into the task. Slowly the tree started to topple as the blue glow surrounded the whole of the lower part of the tree. As the tree moved to about 40 degree angle, Kamyh started to move backwards away from the tree. The whole bottom part of the tree now being enveloped in the blue glow which was moving all over the ground where the tree would be lying any second now. Gravity would do the rest of the job and he needed only to watch it fall now. With the littles of sounds the tree came down and was caught by the blue glow lying below it on the ground. All sounds and any splinters that would normally fly around when a tree was felled were caught by the blue glow. The blue glow immediately disappeared when the tree was lying still. Thyr and Tomah immediately moved in to get to work on the branches. Kamyh though was done for the day and could go home to his beloved. He said a quick goodbye to his friends, grabbed his ax and made his way to the village. He was totally exhausted and his muscles were aching, but this did not slow him and he did not care, this was his day and his Frysiah needed him.

As he arrived home, he grabbed some extract of Bonjee fruit from the cupboard to give home some energy to last him through the rest of the day. He would surely feel this in the morning, but it would be totally worth it. As he walked towards the bedchamber of the house he could already feel the flow of the ritual of birth coming from the room. It had already started, but his child was not born yet, he could still lend his wife his strength to make things go more smoothly. He entered the room quietly and was rewarded a silent smile from his beloved, obviously glad he came in at a fortunate moment. The room was filled with the comforting smell of leather bush oil lamps and the sounds of ritual chanting coming from the two birth women in the corners of the room. He took his place at the side of the bed and grabbed the hand of Frysiah and closed his eyes to channel his energy into her. This was accepted happily and he felt his beloved grow with his strength. He would have no further influence in the ritual but he could feel both the souls of her and the child within her and he his lips automatically changed into a smile of joy. Frysiah started to add her voice to the chanting coming from the others in the room. If he would have had his eyes open he would have seen the whole bed being surrounded by a dark green glow. It would not last long, all was as it supposed to be and a child would be entering this world soon. Births had not gone wrong for many a lifetime and this would not be any different. All his free energies were flowing into the ritual and he did not know how long things lasted and he cannot remember anything that happened until he heard his name from the mouth of his loved one telling him he can open his eyes and look upon their son. Joy overwhelmed him as he opened his eyes to look upon his new born son. He was still slightly glowing green and this would most probably last the rest of the night. 'My beloved Kamyh, say hello to B'redaru, your newborn son' she said.

His younger years.

Many a year passed uneventfully as B'redaru went through his younger years. He learned the many different trades all villagers had to learn and as well as his father he found working with wood to his liking. Though he liked the making of smaller details more than the simple work of adding four legs to a board. The only remarkable thing was that Yriryn did not have a feeling for the arcane arts. Every single soul born in the village had always to some extend had the powers to feel the world and manipulate the streams around them. But for young B'redaru the world was devoid of this feeling the rest of the villagers found only natural. Sometimes it took a while for the gift to show itself in young ones, but never more than a few years. His parents always kept a secret hope that he would develop the gift after all, but it never happened. B'redaru did not care though, what he never had, he could hardly miss.

A curious boy it was. As he did not have to spend time with the village elders to learn the ways of the arcane he had some extra time to spend on his own things. These he mostly spent on exploring every crack and cranny inside the village. These holes in his schedules didn't allow him to go too far into the forest though. And when he went into the forest a little further than time allowed he was easily found and taken back by the adults of the village. He wasn't entirely bored or anything, but he just felt there was something more to this world than the village.

The first chance he got to see more happened when he was 18 when it was time for him to learn how to hunt. Druer and Arain, the two main hunters of the village, took him into the forest to show him the ways around the forest. They had also had tried to learn him to shoot with the bow, but that was quickly given up as B'redaru showed the most horrible skill with a bow, he was quicker too hurt himself with it than to ever shoot any game. Today would be the day he would be able to go into the forest and actually see something new! Druer had given him a spear to make himself useful for when they would encounter animals. Though it was meant to throw the spear whenever an animal came within range, this was not how B'redaru thought it should work. The almost tireless youngster had much more fun running after the animals with his spear poking and hitting when he got close. This took to a most comical situation when B'redaru was chasing a medium sized already wounded rabbit through the underbrush and he bumped at full speed against an Omrah, which ofcourse being an animal too was the sudden target of young B'redaru. Not knowing that the Omrah is the slowest and most thickskinned creatures in the woods. At three times the height of our little hunter he did not even notice B'redaru's tenacious attacks. Luckily for B'redaru he could not slay the mighty beast as the villagers learned long ago that the Omrah had the worst tasting meat of all animals founds in the woods. It was their belief to not waste any food and they would have had to eat it all. This would cost many a precious flavoring to get through.

Both Arain and Druer noticed that with B'redaru's strange antics in trying to catch animals they had fared far too far into the deeps of the forest. And even though B'redaru slowed down the hunt, they had a good day of hunting and it was time to head on back to the village. They were just going to tell B'redaru that they were going to go back now when B'redaru noticed a big Thrawler rushing through the foliage and of he was after it. Ofcourse this again was in exactly the opposite direction of where the village was. It was another five more minutes before the two caught up with B'redaru and the Thrawler. They were rolling on the ground, one trying to capture and one trying to escape. His spear was a few yards away on the ground, discarded for a jump onto the back of the animal. At that moment something big flashed in the corner of B'redaru's eyes. Suddenly seeing some kind of big architecture in the distance through the trees makes him totally forget about the Thrawler which quickly makes itself scarce.

He stared at the building and asked what it was. But Arain and Druer did not see anything they said, it was just forest and trees that way and all the ways from here. They needed to get back to be back before the night fell. They both were very convincing that nothing was there. B'redaru was truly confused as he could clearly see something and he sure wanted to go and see. But being brought up to respect his elders he did not go against their word and walked over to his spear and picked it up. But he took his longest time to get away from the place, slowly shoveling his feet and looking back all the time. Suddenly he stubbed his toes against something and when Arain and Druer weren't watching he quickly grabbed it. He had no idea why he had to keep it a secret, he was not taught to keep secrets, but he just felt he was the only one to see it. It was some kind of necklace, but he would have a better look at it when he got home.

It did not look special, it had nothing special, it just looked like a lump of stone on a chain, though he had never seen the material before of which it was made. He put it away in a safe place in his room and forgot it for many a year. He did not forget about the building in the woods though and he truly wanted to visit it for a better look. But these same years he forgot about the amulet, he felt being somehow pulled to the architecture. But he could not find it though, he got to be older and got more freedom in where he wanted and needed to go. As much as he liked woodworking, most of his time was spend in hunting and foraging. He dumped the spear for a more sturdy club just right for his way of hunting. His stamina grew to amazing levels as he worked through the years with his running hunting technique.

It was not until the day he was going to move into a small house attached to his parents house and he had almost given up on finding anything beside the village in his world again, that he would find the amulet again. It was as if some force was stopping him from seeing and finding anything else than the village. While cleaning up his old room and seeing what he would take with him to his new own home he found the necklace again. He thought nothing of it and put it in the side pocket of his pack to take with him.

For some reason he emptied the whole of his pack, but the side pocket, the next morning to make ready for todays hunt. He would be thirtytwo in two days, that would mean he would be an almost adult. He would have to leave all his childhood fancies of strange buildings in the forest behind him and act like an adult. But for today, childish as it might sound, he would still search for the architecture in the woods, little did he know that today would be his lucky day.

It was late in the morning that he was taking a small break to have something to eat, he accidently put his hand in the wrong side pocket and came out with the necklace in his hands and a surprising look on his face. Looking up because he heard something moving through the forest he once again looked upon the stone building in the forest. That wasn't there before, was it? He made his way towards the building, it was a large building with pillars on all sides of the walls and a large double doors just above some stairs leading into the building. Suddenly it was a ruin of the same building and all pillars had fallen down and the roof had caved in on itself. B'redaru closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened his eyes again, the building was there again, in it's full glory, all pillars standing as they were.

Slowly tapping every step he ascended the stairs. A whole building made out of stone, what master workers had made this? B'redaru only knew of buildings made of wood, stone wasn't workable like this. With the tools from B'redaru's village the construction of such a building would take many a lifetime. And these stairs were not made for the small legs of B'redaru, what was this place and who dwelled here? When he slowly pushed against the doors, they almost glided open, no sound could be heard whatsoever and it cost almost no strength at all. The doors were 3 times as large as B'redaru. But inside there was only darkness, some light came from the outside, but this did not help to show him anything more than the first few feet of the room. B'redaru did not have any light with him, there never is use of a lamp with a hunter or forager, they were always back before the night came. He was confused as what to do now, he gave the other door a push too, to see if that helped anything. It did a bit, but still all he could see was floor. It was also stone, but a lot less rough than the steps.

Well then, B'redaru thought, maybe if I just take a few steps inside. My eyes might adjust to the darkness and I can see some more of what is in here. He took a deep breath and took a well balanced step inside, three more steps and he was in the darkness and just outside of the light on the ground. He waited a few moments to let his eyes adjust to the darkness. It helped some, but it was not enough. He could see that there was some kind of big thing straight ahead and the rest it seemed was huge hall, too dark to see the walls. There was nothing to it, he could not see anything, it was no use. He would have to return tomorrow with a lamp to see what is in here. He turned around to make his way outside again. But when he turned around he could not see the doors. There was the same darkness as to all sides. Doors did not close by themselves, did they? And the back wall wasn't that far away to not be able to see it, was it? Well then, what choices did he have then, back towards nothing or further into nothing. Neither a good choice according to B'redaru.

He turned back again towards where the thing was and all of a sudden some kind of light started to glow all around the room. He could see some kind of large stone chair before him, and someone was sitting in it. He quickly looked around to see if he was still inside the stone building. He sighed a breath of relief as it seemed to look about the same size and made of stone with two double doors at the entrance. He noticed they were indeed closed now though. Strangely enough he did not care, some strange soothing was emanating from the room itself and he was totally at ease. Pure curiousity was what was guiding him now. He started to make his way towards the chair. A woman was sitting on the chair, she did not look healthy in B'redaru's eyes. She was smiling and had smooth skin, but it was too pale and she was too thin and too tall by far. What manner of a woman was this and why was she inside an empty stone building like this.

When B'redaru got close she greeted him and called him by his name. This was strange, having known everyone there was in his world by name and face and now meeting someone not only not knowing who she is but not even looking like... like... like anyone actually. But she was all warmth and smiles and she made him feel right.

'Would you rather have it that I looked like someone of your own race, would that make you more comfortable?' She said as she suddenly changed in size and weight and colour. Looking like any other healthy person from the village now.

'No' said B'redaru, 'I live an honest life and you will get a lot farther with me by showing who you really are. I know not what this race word is you use, but I cannot trust anyone that talks through a different face than their own.'

'This makes me happy, young B'redaru,' she said as she changed back to her other self. 'This is my true self and I am sorry to make you feel less comfortable and I know now that you wonder too if this truly is my true self. Alas that is my own fault for trying to appease you. I hope I will prove myself to you by acting truthfully from now on.'

'As to me knowing your name and yes I can see that is a question that is going through your mind too right now, I have been watching you for many a year now. Haha!' she laughs, 'It's not as if I have had anything else to do than watch these last centuries. You are special B'redaru and you should not be cropped up in the small world of your village as are your villagers. Bigger things await you and me and we can both help each other with this.'

'Can I ask how much you care for your fellow villagers B'redaru?' she asked.

'They are the world to me!' young B'redaru answered quickly. Inwardly she laughed at the truth of that, outwardly she just smiled at him. 'And would you leave that world to save them from their dead great grandparents' mistakes?'

B'redaru raised an eyebrow and asked, 'what might those mistakes be then, and what do we need saving from? There is nothing out there, we are alone.'

'I am sorry to tell you, young B'redaru, but you are not safe and you surely are not alone in this part of the world. The rest of the world is just being kept back from your village by a powerful spell, but even powerful spells will fail when those that are keeping it alive have no idea anymore what they are doing. Your great grandparents were powerful users of the arcane powers and they wanted peace and quiet and so build your village and surrounded it by an arcane field to protect it from the rest of the world. But the arcane is slowly failing in your village, B'redaru. You are not just the only one without any powers like that, you are the first to be born without it and you will not be the last. And the worst part of it all is that your great grandparents actually knew it would fail one day, but that was none of their concern, they and their direct offspring would live a safe life, but how long it would last after that they did not know and did not care.'

B'redaru just stared, she was not of their village, why would he believe her. But it felt right somehow. 'But, if you knew about this why did you not confront any of us sooner?' he stammered.

'If I could have I would, but there was no chance to to influence anyone else. Anyone with the feeling for the world would have been influenced by it for many a year and would probably not been able to see me. It took a very special trinket to make you see me, yes B'redaru, that amulet was mine. It is yours now, it will be your way to me. And then there is the training your elders give to the young ones, it would make anyone quite useless to any other means of worldly influences. How do you think the elders keep their days filled? They spent many an hour a day in the central cottage keeping the spell up' she explained.

'I never really thought about it. They are elders, they have their own things, do they know about this?' he asked.

'Not really, they know they are working on some spell, but they mostly think it's for good weather, a good hunt and other beneficial things for the village. The knowledge of what they are really doing has been lost many a year ago.'

B'redaru stood up straight and looked her straight in the eye and said, 'This all sounds like a great story, but in two days I am an almost adult and I will need to act like an adult and all this will prove a child's fancy'

She smiled at that, 'Yes, another useful side effect of the spell. But I am sorry again, B'redaru, you will not be affected by it, you will not feel any different in two days time. But only those two days will prove that to you and probably nothing else. Return to your village and when you still remember me in two days time, return to me again. I will welcome you here and explain more and even show you some more things to convince you of the dire problems your village is in.

'It will be growing dark soon, young B'redaru, for that reason too you will have to return. You will have some explaining to do for coming back with so little game. I am sorry for that too. Try not to make up a too fantastic story about that, I don't really like lies. Until two days, my child, I can hardly wait to finally share words with someone again.' She gave him a last smile and suddenly all went out of focus and both she and the building disappeared and he was in the forest again.

Well then, he thought, what to think about all this. At least she was right about the time of day, a lot of time had passed and the first signs of the evening were showing, he needed to get back. He started to walk back to his pack and his mornings captures. It was not much, but it would have to do and he hoped the rest of the group has been lucky. But when he got back near his pack he saw a large deer sniffing his pack. That was lucky! If he could catch that one, all would be fine and he would not even need any explenations. It was the easiest hunt of such a large creature of his life. As if the deer was just there to make his easier, he thought a seconds of her and if she might have had a hand in it. He pushed the thought away, he needed to get home and in two days the silly thoughts would be gone anyway.

Two days he didn't have a single thought about the day in the forest. He spent the days working on tasks he needed to do with woodcarving. The evening of his birthday he spent with friends and family and lasted well into the night. He still had not had a single thought about it.

For the next morning, when all those childhood fancies were supposed to have disappeared and he would have his first day as an almost adult, he woke and reached for his clothes on the chair next to his bed. But he did not feel his clothes, he felt something small and hard. He grabbed it and looked, it was the pendant and he immediately remembered all that happened that day in the forest. Nothing had disappeared, nothing had faded, everything was still there. He felt exactly the same as the day before. He rubbed his eyes, shook his head and let himself fall back to his bed. But all was still the same and he was still holding the amulet in his hand.

Today was a of hunting he declared to his parents, was he supposed to act any differently now that he was an adult? He did not know, but going to work quickly was a good adult thing to do, he decided. He grabbed some food and his equipment and made his way into the forest. Going directly for the place the building had been the last time. It took him not long to find the place, it was somehow pulling him towards it. And indeed the stone place was there again.

He entered the dark again, but this time he did not hesistate and just walked on towards the place he met her last time. As he came close the lights went on again and she was there smiling at him.

'Welcome back, B'redaru.' She said.

'So, there is truth to your tellings, what am I supposed to think now? I am mightily confused, if what you told me three days ago is true, what will happen to me and my village? I know now that you exist and that I am different than my parents and the rest of the village, but can you show me more to take away my doubts?'

She smiled again, 'so many questions so fast, little one. What are you to think? That is for you to decide, think what you think is right, I am not here to influence you. I am here to guide you and at the same time ask you for help. I shall be honest and tell you something of me. I am what other people sometimes call a goddess, though you do not know what that word means. I am a guardian, a protector, a listener and a giver. As you are am I, I am young in the years of a goddess as you are young in your life. I am not quite sure yet how I came to be, but I grew up here for the last few centuries and I fed of the strength that came of your peoples strength. Waiting for the right moment, waiting for the right person and that person is you, my little B'redaru. But this is not enough for someone like me, I need people to believe in me, I need people to believe in. I need a place and people to give warmth to, I need people to receive that warmth and love. To give strength where needed, to show the beauty of this world to someone. It is a hard concept to explain to someone who has never had anyone more than their parents and family to believe in. Your people didn't need it, they had their feeling with the world. But when that leaves, they will find a hole in their lives. It will need filling, and I want to be the one to be there to fill that hole. But I need someone to guide me to them and it needs to be done before your and their doom is sealed.' She suddenly laughs softly. 'Am I making any sense at all, my child?'

B'redaru was filled with warmth and was almost glowed. 'Yes you are! Kinda. It somehow feels right, this hole you speak of, I can almost feel it, the thing I ignored all these years because I wrote it off as just the missing of the arcane in me. There are still so many doubts in me, but if feels so joyful! Can I ask what your name is, miss?'

'Name? I cannot remember ever having a name, but that does not matter, it would not be my name that was meant for you. What would you feel right to call me, little one?' She answered.

He opened his mouth and closed it again, trying to find the right word. 'I think mother would be the right name to use for you, but...'

'No,' she smiled, 'that name is reserved for your own mother, she is a beautiful woman and deserves all the love that comes with that title. But you can call me Yisha, in the old tongue of rememberence that was the word that has about the same meaning. It won't have the same feeling as mother, but it will feel the same I guess.'

'Yisha,' he tried. 'Yes, that sounds just wonderful, it has the exact right feeling and ring to it, yes I will call you Yisha.'

'As to what will happen to your village, it will stand for many a year to come, specialy if you and I help a bit. Yes, that will help me remove the doubts from you, delay the effects to the village and strengthen the bond between us. Let's go and have a look at how things look outside the spell, come young B'redaru, we are going for a walk.'

They left the building and walked a way through the forest, farther away from the village. After a while Yisha bid him to look backwards. He turned around and mouth fell open and his eyes opened wide. A huge red shimmering wall was behind them all of a sudden. He could see through it, but the whole world behind the wall was red tinted and shimmering. 'Go on, touch it lightly, but no more than lightly.' He slowly moved his hand towards the screen and already when he got to about ten centimeters small sparks started to fly between his fingers and the wall. A slight tingling feeling accompanied the sparks and they grew stronger when he got close. This does feel like the arcane spells my fellow villagers use to make life easier he said.

'Yes,' she said, 'it is the same, but a lot more powerful, it will stop anything but the elements and friendly animals to pass through. Animals don't even see it, but anyone with any thinking abilities will be held back. There is some more to it, but I am not an expert on these magics. Now look that way, listen and learn.' She was pointing a bit away from the screen and off into the forest.

Suddenly he heard footsteps and high pitched voices coming from that way. There was talking, but he could not quite catch anything that was said. It didn't last long before a large group of the strangest creatures came into view. They were about the same size as B'redaru, but their faces were flat, with pointed ears, wide mouths and small fangs. They seemed to walk almost upright, but their arms were hanging almost to their knees. And they were carrying tools of some kind. Clubs with pointy balls on the end and other kinds of sharp pointy things. Some were wearing round wooden things on their arms. B'redaru could not make sense of it, hunting would not be comfortable like that, and why use pointy thing, that would only ruin the animal's skin. He turned to Yisha and asked if they shouldn't walk away, he did not particularly wanted to be see by these creatures. Yisha assured him that the creatures wouldn't be able to see them. B'redaru doubted this, but it felt right and Yisha seemed to feel confident of truth of that.

The creatures walked straight to the red wall and started to babble and point to the wall and each other. After a while the biggest one grabbed another and pushed him against the wall. With a yelp he bounced of the wall and fell down between the others. The others laughed at the one on the ground. B'redaru didn't really think that was a way to treat anyone, let alone laugh at it afterwards. But he didn't really have any time to think to much of it as Yisha grabbed his shoulder and pulled him a bit farther away from the shield so they could see the part where the creatures were in front of. 'Watch carefully, B'redaru. They do this every few months to see if anything has changed yet.'

The creatures grabbed all their equipment and started to attack the wall with aggressive vigor. 'Look at where their weapons hit the wall, small white cracks appear there. A few years back it were only points of white, but the wall is already growing weaker. The village is quite safe still, but these curious and very persistent folk will severily shorten the time it will last if they keep on going. We need to stop them from attacking the wall anymore. This will be the first task of our saving of your people.'

B'redaru looked a bit dumbfounded at the creatures and their antics at trying to breach the wall and then looked at Yisha and asked, 'What is a weapon?'

Yisha sighed, quickly winked a tear from her eye and smiled at B'redaru, 'oh, I am so truly sorry at what I will have to teach you and what you will have to endure for the good of your village. I will show you what a weapon is when they are gone, every time they do the same thing at the end.'

After a while the creatures were panting and still could not make more than white scratches on the wall that left as soon as the appeared. They started babbling again and after a short while prepared to once more go whence they came from. After a short walk, the last one turned around and threw his stick with the pointed ball at the wall. It flew right through and thumped behind the wall against a tree and fell on the ground. The creature roared and quickly walked after the other ones. And after a while all sound of them had disappeared and B'redaru and Yisha were alone again.

Almost adulthood.

Many a year passed as B'redaru learned to handle the discarded mace and made and executed many a plan to stop these creatures from bothering the shield no more. He learned that not every creature was good and that to defend himself and the future of his village he needed to killed these creatures called goblins. Evilness Yisha called it, but it cost B'redaru a long time too before he understood that word. Every hunting day he was outside the wall to protect the village and every night he was back again in the village. The bond between Yisha and B'redaru grew stronger as he grew to believe she was there to help him. Unbeknownst to B'redaru, the stronger the trust and belief he gave her, the stronger she became and could help him more easily with his tasks.

He grew into adulthood and finally had his victory over the goblins. This was only to be the start of his life though and many an aventure was to follow.

Adulthood and rest of the world.

At the age of 39 the day had come for him to go into the world, though he did not know it yet. He was sitting in the building, he now knew as a temple, with Yisha to contemplate what to do now that the goblins would most probably leave the wall alone. 'I need you to go into the world, B'redaru,' she said, 'You need to go over the mountains, you have so much to learn still, but this vale we are in has nothing more to offer for you. Alas though I cannot go with you there, I am not strong enough to go anywhere. I am bound to this temple. I need the love and belief of the village before I will be able to do anything. But although I physically cannot go with you, my spirit will be able to travel with you as long as you carry my amulet with you. I won't be able to speak to you, but I can hear every word you say and might be able to influence the world in your favor when you ask it of me. I am going to miss the talks we have, promise me you will never stop talking to me! Your words and your love will keep me strong. I will be the perfect listener,' she laughed, 'can't complain or contradict anything you say.' She turned away for a quick moment to hide a tear that was crawling over her cheek.

'And worst of all, you will have to leave your family, you cannot tell them anything as they won't believe you anyway. I dread the day of leaving and I dread the day of return. Oh what have I done to you, my child! Make me proud B'redaru, become my champion and save your village for your village, yourself and me.'

'You will travel through the forests to the east. You will come in other lands and first you will come to a city. A city you say, what is a city? It's like your village but then a lot bigger. You will be amazed at the scale of things there. The people will be almost twice as big as you, the houses will be big, they will have multiple floors and there will be towers, long thin constructions of stone, there to look over the world and make people feel more important. You will feel totally out of place, so much to learn and do. But don't be afraid, B'redaru, you will do fine, you are a sturdy and smart little man. There is no way to prepare you for that, you will have to do this all by yourself and you will do great! I wish you the best of luck, my child!' At that moment she grabbed B'redaru in a hug, started crying and pushed him outside of the temple. Which quickly disappeared when he was outside.

The next day he packed all his stuff and left it outside of the door of his parents, they needed not see that he had packed it all. He went inside and gave them both a strong hug. His father was just watching him with a bashful face. His mother though was crying by the time he let loose the hug, as if she knew exactly what was going to happen and that she knew she had no choice in it whatsoever. Only a day after he found the letter she had put in his pocket during the hug. She wrote that she knew he was leaving and she would do her best to explain to his father. How she knew he had no idea and he could not ask Yisha either, well he could ask, but she was in no way able to answer, not until he was ready to return to the village and save it from disaster.

He went through the forests Yisha described and came upon large flat lands of grass with a city in the middle. Quite a shock it was to B'redaru, the world was so different. But he managed and had many an adventure in and around the city. At first he had no feeling whatsoever for the bond he had with Yisha. He talked to her constantly, but never thought to ask her aid in anything. But only after a few years he came in a situation where a friend he had made was hurt beyond normal healing. He talked about it to Yisha and shouted to the world, and wondered what he could do to stop the hurting his friend was going through. Then he felt the warmth of Yisha flow through him and pass into Tyrr's body. His wounds closed and the bruising disappeared. He learned many a thing more about his bond and learned many a more way to defend himself. He was truly starting to feel like a champion of his Yisha.

The adventures of Phlogiston.

It was a new age, a new time. Gond has risen to greatness, the third pillar has risen and technology is here to stay. But steamtech just isn't up to steam yet, so to speak. Constructs are bulky, either a lot of coal or even more wood is needed to operate the steamdriven constructions. Something is missing for steam to make a proper breakthrough into this world. Something more efficient, something smaller, something that would make the boilers more movable. This is what brings in Yisha and ofcourse B'redaru. These are the adventures of B'redaru and the creation of Phlogiston, the miracle substance that drives steam technology.

B'redaru woke with a start as the heavy machinery of the smithy started up. He had been in this little town for two weeks now and he still couldn't get used to the sounds of the huge boiler and the steampumps in the smithy. The technology was simply beautiful and inventive, he had been studying it for the last year and was getting good at steamtech. With the help of Yisha's blessings flowing through his hands creation was getting beautiful, though he was a lot better at repairing. This was the thing that could save his people, the replacement to protect his village against the outside. Though he himself would never be able to live again in only that village, he knew that the others needed the world to stay the same. 'If only it didn't need as large quantities of wood to make it run' he thought. Then he would be able to bring it with him and take it to his village and together with the belief he could save his village.

His skill of creation and wonder had already inavertedly convinced people here and there to the existence and even sometimes in the belief of Yisha. She was groing stronger, but she needed something more to take her role as Goddess of Steam under the Pillar of technology.

This led to the creation of Phlogiston in an adventure in the deep mountains of Daruk'dur and regional places of belief for Yisha.

Going home and meeting new friends.

It took a full 7 more years before B'redaru thought he had learned enough and was able to bring the needed things to save his people. The belief of Yisha was spreading, but not all went well as most of the world still thinks the creation of Phlogiston is credited to Gond. Yisha still only has a few high enough clerics, that can create Phlogiston without needing the huge Phlogiston creation devices, to prove to the world it was Yisha's presence in the world that advanced the power of steam. And this will be partly the next part of B'redaru's adventures.

He brought back the technology to his village, convinced them that their own powers were failing and converted them to the belief of Yisha. But it was just before he was able to install the needed steam devices that the magical shield failed and the goblins attacked. It was at this time too that his soon to be friends entered the village to come to the rescue of him and his village. The goblins were vanquished, the defenses are up and another strong belief point for Yisha has entered this world. It was only shortly after that that he decided it was time to move into the world again. Time for new adventures with his new friends and time for more spreading of the belief of Yisha.


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