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Surtur Ironsmiter

Background Story

Surtur was born in a village at the mountainside where the Blacksmiter clan lived. Already as a young kid he had to help at the forge. It wasn't that bad, but when he heard the tales of his grandfather, who was an adventurer a long time ago, he always dreamt of leaving the village when he was older.

One day when he was looking for new ore veins, he found an old tomb. In that tomb there was a small chest, containing 2 small pearls and a dusty old book. He kept them on a save place and tried reading the book, but it was in a language he had never seen before. His grandfather had seen that language before and told him it was Draconic, and old language used by wizards. But also he couldn't read it. So curious as Surtur was, he started to decipher the book himself. Years went by and page by page he started to learn the language of wizards. He was getting more and more interested in magic, and knew that he wanted to become a wizard as soon as he could leave the village.

When he was old enough to leave the village, he started his long journey to the city. His grandfather gave him a ring, that he used to wear when he was adventuring, as a goodbye present. He told him that sleeping was dangerous out in the wild, and that finding food wasn't always easy. The ring would help him with that, and so his journey started.

After some weeks traveling he reached the city. There he tried to join the wizard school. After some tests he was let in and he learned to cast spells himself. His nights Surtur spent with reading books, walking through the city, or training his muscles.

He was at the school for about 3 years when at one night, when he was walking through the city, he heard the scream of a woman. When he started to search to the source of the sound he found a locked basement door. With a knock spell he opened the door and carefully looked inside. There he saw 3 people in dark clothes, a lot of candles and a dead woman on an altar. There was a lot of blood and the persons inside were doing some kind of ritual.

Surtur knew he couldn't handle this alone, but he could also nog let this continue. So he went to get some guards as fast as he could and together with 3 guards he came back to the basement. They entered and soon a fight started. Two of the dark figures were captured and one died during the battle. After it the guards excorted the two captives and Surtur, who had a lot of wounds, decided to go home to bed to get some rest.

The next day Surtur stayed in bed most of the time to let his wounds heal. But, curious as he was, he decided to visit the guards from last night to inform what happened. When he asked where they were, no-one knew. They seemed to be disappeared. Also no-one knew anything from a fight last night. It was all very weird.

That night he was still lying in bed. I couldn' sleep and questions where going through his head. He decided to make a small walk around the city to get some fresh air. Halfway his walk it happened. He suddenly felt a heavy pain at his heart and then he saw that he was pierced by an arrow. Soon everything went quiet and he felt life leaving his body. Surtur died...

Surtur was killed by a bounty hunter, named Urdos. Magistrate Elentirmo hired him to kill Surtur to get revenge on the death of his son. Later it seemed that Urdos found out the real reason why he had to kill Surtur. Since he regretted it, he searched Surtur's corpse, left the city and used the bounty money he got to let a cleric revive Surtur in a temple of in a village nearby.

The first sound Surtur heard again was the pulse of life-giving blood in his veins. It sounded as sweet music, the sound of life. He felt it reenergizing every particle of his form, flushing death away and leave life in its place. It was thick and warm, and he greedily embraced it. It was at that point that he knew how important blood was and the power it possesed. He now knew that he wanted to use that power and wanted to evoke magic from this vital fluid.

Then it started to become clear that three persons were looking at him. A dwarf, a small halfling and a human cleric. Later he learned that the cleric had raised him in a small temple in a village close to the city, after Urdos (the dwarf) and Lilsy (the halfling) had brought him there.

Then new adventures started where they met the dwarf Thror, an old clanmate of Surtur, and decided to help him kill the orcs and goblins that destroyed the village he lived in. They finally found the orcs and goblins when they were attacking another village. They helped the locals defeat them and met B'redaru, a dwarf in smoking armor, who decided to go with them on their adventures. Together they had a lot of adventures. The last one was the escort of a caravan to Flann's Crossing. They arrived there a couple of days ago and are staying there until after the festival.


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