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Lilsy Wildblossom

Background Story

Although no one knows this, Lilsy is the daughter of one of the lords of the Halfling society living on the eastern plains. In this society, some noble-born families are selected to protect the halflings. Most halflings are quite frivolous and tend to enjoy life, but these families provide a serious side to the daily affairs. Usually they live in quiet preparation for harder times.

Lilsy was preceded by two sons. Commonly, the eldest child is selected as being the one to succeed the Lord in all his Lordly duties, which mostly involve politics and leading the businesses which the lord pursues. The other sons are trained to be military officers. The daughters however (when not the eldest) are trained for the rigors of being a high society lady, having to be able to blend in with the high societies of the other races. This life includes such hardships as needlework and light music.

To Lilsy, this never seemed to be her way of life and she quickly learned to sneak away from her lessons and come up with the most fantastic excuses to be let off the hook. This didn't always work, but Lilsy mostly didn't get mad when she was punished but found a practical joke with which to get even. All of her life was actually a joke to her, usually clashing with her brothers who were trained to be very serious indeed.

During a huge orc invasion, all her brothers rode out to defend the lands. In the fierce battle, the orcs were repelled but at a cost. Her two older brothers were killed by the orcs. Lilsy and her family were devastated. But as after months, life started to move on, Lilsy was selected to succeed her father in his lordly duties. Her training was quickly redirected from lady-like fancies to the harder studies which being the head of a noble house requires.

Lilsy did not want to continue her training if she had to get all serious. Nothing had prepared her for this and it had not worked for her before and she did not want to start now. One stormy night she decided to sneak out of the manorly burrow. Without even anyone up she managed to slip by undetected and by daybreak she was miles gone from the burrow.

Lilsy runs away, ever travelling from village to village further away from her father's lands. At first, she survives by performing acts of legerdemain and juggling shows in front of people, but as she sees more of the poorer side of society she start picking pockets at first and burgling later to survive. Raising skills as a catburglar she gets excited about the profession. Mostly because of the excitement and the challenges, but the money comes in handy too.

Through a local thief's guild which she shortly helps out she hears about a legendary catburglar, called W. She meets up with this W who is not a real catburglar but more of a freedom fighter who fights among others the Magistrate Elentirmo. She apprentices with W and learns the Thief-Acrobat trade, but picks up some moral values from him as well. As a final assignment to Lilsy W asks her to steal a human sacrifice from a ritual which the helpers of the Magistrate Elentirmo are performing. To help, she meets with an arcane archer called Urdos who apparently killed the human sacrifice in the first place. Together they steal the human sacrifice from the evil ritualists. Because he is ravaged by guilt, Urdos takes the corpse to a nearby temple and has the poor guy resurrected.

Lilsy returns to W, who tells her that he has nothing left to teach her and that she should seek out her own way in the world. Lilsy decides that she could just as well go with Urdos and his new pal, the resurrected Surtur Ironsmiter.


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