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Urdos Thunderhammer

Background Story

  • son of a ironsmith/tinkerer and a cook
  • born to be a tracker, father accepted that, brought home lots of animals / herbs for the kitchen
  • one animal, a wolf, came to become his huntmate, and brought in lots of rabbits and other small game that Urdos graciously accepted
  • father tried to help him by all sorts of gadgets when steam tech appeared, but Urdos was weary of the new force
  • one experiment, goggles, backfired and welted themselves to Urdos's head, damaging his brain a bit in the process. The permanent goggles make him much worse to look at also.
  • after the backfire there was a small fallout between father & son and Urdos went his own way for a year
  • sense of justice brought him to become something of a bounty hunter -- but only when he believed in it
  • eventually the family made up
  • Urdos went to the city and made his living there -- there was always something to do as a bounty hunter
  • one day he was hired by the magistrate to find, kill and bring back a supposed murderer.
  • after having done this, he overheard conversation about the magistrate (which he didn't trust in the first place but who had lots of bounties to give) -- turned out his son had been found out and killed the other day, and he had gotten revenge on the guards who had found him. Putting two and two together Urdos decided that he had committed a terrible act.
  • he dug up the fresh grave of his latest bounty and ran off to the nearest village, where he payed for the services of a priest with his bounty that he had gotten for killing the dwarf in the first place.
  • after that they traveled together (see other stories)



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