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Folwick Nacklenottin


Folwick is a middle-aged gnome. He always walks around in his shining military mail armor. Most of the older people in Cloddfahm and Tinkercrag know and respect him. When he enters somewhere people always notice him, and somehow they all respect him, even if they have never seen him before.

Folwick had many riding dogs during his life. Nowadays he always travels around on his husky Nickles. The dog always wears his mail barding, because Folwick wants him to get used to it, so it feels like his own skin.

The thing Folwick likes most is to be in battle, and use his destructive magic powers and his tactics to bring victory to the good.

Background Story

Long ago Folwick was born in an gnome settlement in the Black Mountains. His father, leader of the local guard raised him with a lot of discipline. There were a lot of battles with goblins and kobolds that came from the deeps of the mountains and soon he had to help defeat them.

Folwick knew that there would be a better way to kill the intruders then just with weapons and armor. He already knew some minor magic spells, just like a lot of gnomes, but these were just some minor tricks. He wanted to learn to cast more devastating magic that would destroy those goblins and kobolds in seconds. So he decided to travel to $city and apply to one of the schools for the Arcane Arts.

There Folwick had do a lot of tests for weeks. In the end he got the news that he was one of the few chosen to join the special Arcane War College. The college wasn't located in the city, but in the mountains to the $direction. There he was drilled together with other lucky ones. They were trained to wear ponderous garments while drilling constantly with spells, most of which were too high in level to cast. After a year of training, Folwick and the other students of that year were ready to go into battle.

From then on he was one of the elite warmages in the army of Calidum. They were the ones that could change the result of a battle. For about 50 years long he served the army in many of the battles fought. Soon he became an officer and directed soldiers in battle. It was a long time away from home but he lived for the war and the battlefield, and sometimes he had a couple of weeks off and he went to visit his home village and parents.

When he was about 90 years old he stopped serving the army, there were enough younger warmages that were ready to take his place. Meanwhile both his parents had died of diseases and old age. So he wandered around in Calidum visiting the big cities for years. But eventually he wanted more of a home and found a job at an outpost of Cloddfahm, called The Crag. There he helped them defend Cloddfahm against invasions from out of the deeps of the mountains. Occasionally he went into the mountains with a group of guards to destroy some threats from kobold, goblins, and darker creatures from the deep.

But all changed since they found those phlogiston springs. It attract all these crazy tinkerers and soon The Crag was filled with metal and smoking machines. More and more people came there and soon it was starting to look more like a city then an outpost. They build all these machines to defend the Crag against intruders. Cannons they called them, and Folwick soon felt obsolete. So he moved to Cloddfahm, and there he peacefully lived for a few years.

But then he decided that he didn't want to rot away there, and wanted to do more again with his life. He wanted to feel the adrenaline and magic in him again, and use his destructive powers against the evil in the world. So he was in the inn often, looking for parties of adventurers that needed help and joining them on great adventures.


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