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Session 5 (B'redaru)

Played on January 14, 2007
Towers underground?

Under The Tower, Kroz 3, 863

After tending to Lilsy's and Surtur's wounds we decided to continue our way close to the wall and further into the room. After a bit we started to notice lights on the sealing and the room started to get less dark. After that we soon came upon another of those statues in the wall and for some reason Lilsy decides to climb up there to see if she could kill the thing before it could come alive. It would really help if she didn't have those strange ideas now and then. I prepared for more combat as the thing quickly came alive when Lilsy stabbed it. She easily sidestepped it's attack and dropped down to the ground, the creature floating down after her. And ofcourse it didn't take long for it's companion which was on the other side of another hallway to join us in the fray. It didn't take long for us to take down one and made the other turn it's tail and fly off. But Surtur and Throg were running out of spells fast. We still had to chase the lone fleeing creature and we guessed that there most probably was another hallway and two more of those creatures in the third side of the round room. Lilsy wanted to go into the hallway but the rest of us wanted to see what structure was in the centre and wanted to find the single free creature.

As we walked towards the centre of the huge room, we found some kind of pillar right in the centre with benches around it. On the benches were lots of empty pots and other rubbish. There also was a dead Orc, which was probably hit by the broken pottery next to it, maybe even killed by the attack with the crockery. At this time we also notice some kind of big round spot of light on the ceiling rising. And when we looked around the other side of the pillar we found a section on that side to be going in, leading to another spiralling stairs going downwards. For the first part me and Urdos did not approach the pillar and walked around it a way of to see if it was safe and to see if there was indeed a third hallway on the other side with more of those statues. Our thoughts were proven right as we could see the third hallway from a distance. As we continued on around the pillar to see if we could see the missing rock creature we at first did not find it, but as we turned around to go back to the pillar we both spotted it clinging to the top of the pillar, to the roof. I called for the rest and Urdos quickly made his bow ready for a shot at the beast. As the rest arrived, we showed were the creature was. Urdos let two arrows take flight as I started to attract his attention also. The creature was easily vanquished as there wasn't much left of it anyway.

We decided to go downwards into the pillar, this place is huge, so many places to go, I think we should actually go back and do a more logical search of the place, but I'm not sure that will make a difference anyway. As we spiralled the stair for a while I lost track of how far we went down and in what direction we were going. But after a while we came to another landing with more hallways. After a short look around we found that there was a hallway around the pillar here and three hallways leading in three different directions. We took the one we came to last and started to walk into it. After a short while we came by two side tunnels with after a bit more than a meter a door. The main hallway went further after this. After quick inspection, the right one appeared to be a supply room and the other one had smells of food coming out of if and Urdos was convinced there would be more Orcs there. When Lilsy who went into the first door quickly came back and slammed the door behind her we noticed a rotting smell coming from behind the door, whatever had Lilsy found in there. I quickly called for some help as I tried to hold closed the door but wasn't strong enough. Thror stepped in slammed the door shut forcibly just after some kind of slimy thing started to come through. The part in the hallway lived shortly after that, but it had reached Thror's pants and had eaten parts of it, without much apparent trouble. I did not want to meet what was hiding in that room. I called upon Yisha to reform the wood of the door so that the locking mechanism couldn't move anymore and the only way to open the door would be to force it. I hope the creature waas stopped by this and could not eat it's way through the door itself.

After telling the group what I did, we quickly decided to check the other room, well Urdos decided it for us as he stamped the door into the other room in search for them Orcs. We came upon a kitchen of some sort, large pots with bad smelling steaming broth were in this room, no Orcs to be found though. As we walked into this large room we quickly noticed the room wasn't straight but moving to the left in a bending way. At the end was another door which led to a hallway and another door straight ahead. It looked exactly the same as the other doors and hallway looked. This must be the second hallway leading to the pillar in the centre. This theory was proven true when we entered the last room which was the same shape and came to the third hallway with the same doors. This meant that either the supply room was round and had another door, which meant the creature could leave the room through that door too, or a smaller room was there. We decided not to check yet as we were getting tired fast and this room looked like a decent enough room to sleep through what we probably thought to be night. I missed the sky at that point already. Who ever wants to live under the ground like this? The room we were in was clearly the eating room as it had a lot of tables with benches in it. In the centre was a round table with benches around it too, which was open to one side so you could stand in the centre. We decided to sleep in the centre of that table. We must have been really tired to make such a bad decision for a place to sleep. With this much tables and that much pots of food still warm, how could there not be more creatures down here. Alas we went to sleep and thought ourselves safe enough. Well we would find out about that soon enough when we were woken up early by a most unwelcome surprise..

Under The Tower, Kroz 4, 863

We were woken up by Surtur early this morning as something or someone was entering the room we had taken for safe. No time to talk with Yisha and no time for spell preparation for Surtur. I was outside of my armour and we were still half asleep, This was going to be bad..

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