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Session 8 (B'redaru)

Played on January 28, 2007
Orcs a plenty!

Outside again, Kroz 4, 863

After some some discussions we decided to stay in the tower for the night before we would be going down into the tower again. We still have a wizard to find. After getting a decent meal made by our new friendly halfling we all took our seperate places and prepared for sleep. Urdos was watching the stairs and I lay myself at the front door.

Outside again, Kroz 5-7, 863

And another night our sleep is disturbed, I don't think I would have slept more than 20 minutes more if they would have let me. And the worst of it all, again I would not have time to prepare myself and get into my armour. Yisha stand with me. I grabbed my shield and prepared to protect the hallway as them silly Orcs decided to attack us from outside. So there must be another entrance to the underground complex. We would have to check this out, but first some more Orcs to kill, Urdos will be satisfied.

We had some problems fighting properly in the small hallway but the orcs were easily dispatched enough, one seemed strong and tried to lure me outside, but no such sillyness for these honorless creatures. It only cost a few words to get him angry enough to come inside and be slain. After he died one orc ran of though, good thing actually, Urdos could then easily follow him back to the other entrance of the underground complex.
The little friend of Carolus decided to leave for the village and get more help, I know now what more help would be needed, but she was persistent and didn't want to join us in finding the wizard. After a short travel through the swamp we came one of the other towers, it was the crumbled down one. The orcs had made a ropeladder that led down to the complex from the almost destroyed tower. We ventured inside again in search of the wizard. Some of us had already decided that the wizard couldn't be in there, but we had to be sure if you ask me. It took us quite a while, to the satisfaction of Urdos ofcourse, but after some brilliant tactics and some close calls we totally emptied the complex of all orcs. But as we already thought, no wizard could be found. Maybe we should have checked out the last tower from the upside, but we ignored that idea of Lilsy for now. At least the village wouldnt have to be affraid of this northern threat for the time being.

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