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Session 14 (Lilsy)

Played on March 25, 2007
Ironsmiter's last stand

The next morning we continue from the dwarven outpost towards Clodfahm. Surtur arranges some whispy horses of gallopping for us and off we go. On the road I entertain Bredaru with some acrobatics. The road gets higher and higher, we go through a huge hole in the mountain and the other side there is snow! Yay! We continue some miles through the snow and arrive at a huge gate in the mountain. Next to it there are two guard towers and some guards are in front.

B'redaru announces us to the guards. Apparently, we were going to visit the clanfather here. I thought we were on our way to Tinker's Crag, but I guess I'm wrong. The guards are somewhat apprehensive in allowing us to visit the clanfather, but when B'redaru mentions that he is the High Priest to Yisha, they arrange a meeting for us. Wait a minute? B'redaru High Priest? And he was going to mention this when?

We continue through large hallways, through enormous gates to a huge hall. Inside this hall is a complete city in the middle of the mountain! Wow! The hall is separated from the entrance hallway by a chasm over which there is just one bridge. Our guide explains to use that near the chasm, you can hear no sound! Neat! While we walk over the bridge I start blabbing away about how cool this is! Next to the bridge there is a lone dwarf fishing in the chasm! Weird person! As we walk away from the bridge I keep explaining to everyone how cool that was!

Our guide explains about the city and I ask all kinds of interesting questions. We come past a statue of a stone hand holding a hammer and a pick axe, which is representative for the three largest families in Clodfahm (Stonehand, Deeptunneler and Deathforge). Apparently the Clanfather is a Deathforge familys member. After a brisk walk, we reach the palace where we are introduced to the Clanfather. He has a huge throne in a huge hall and the conversation was very much formal and about serious stuff. I guess B'redaru paid attention and will tell me if there is anything I should know about.

Afterwards, our guide takes us to our inn and Surtur and I go shopping for magic items. I exchange my ring of filcher's friend for a nice and shiny amulet! I try to convince Surtur to finally sell the hydra eyes, but he seems quite attached to them. Afterwards, Surtur and I head over to the chasm to join the strange dwarf at fishing. Surtur reads a book. I guess he like the quiet. I try to fold my fishing pole out of my Goblin army knife. Let's see: first unfold the pickaxe, then winch out the rope, recollapse the blade and then extend the haft. Ah yes, that's it. Now just some bait. I inspect the dwarf's line and apparently he is not using any bait at all! Luckily Surtur volunteers some kind of an eye as bait. I quickly hook it as bait (SPLUT!) and throw out the line and start waiting.

Oh my Brandobaris! I seem to have caught something. With Surtur's help I reel it in. I've caught a bat! How cool! Proudly, I wave it in front of the fishing dwarf! Yay! Cool! Surtur cuts of a wing. Whoah! Stop! I wave at him. I want to show this to the rest! Surtur stops cutting, lobs out an eye for new bait and I continue fishing (or: batting as we now call it). The fishing dwarf think we are so cool that he moves to a reverend distance.

After a while Surtur and I go back to the inn to show everyone my catch. Everyone is very impressed. The dwarven fisherman comes in later and is apparently the ferryman for the lake we have to cross on our way to Tinker Crag. Apparently he is on holiday, but everyone assures that Thror can surely row as across. So, no problems there. It seems the Ferryman is deaf and mute because he talks completely with his hands! That looks quite useful, maybe I should learn that as well! I spend the rest of the night partying, talking and dancing before collapsing into my bed at the inn.

Next day we jump onto our magnificent horses of swiftness and go toward Tinker Crag. After a little distance we reach the lake we have heard so much about. There is a little boat there with enough space for a horse and a dwarf or for about five dwarves. Ofcourse, this calls for a discussion about spells! Meh. Urdos is not impressed by the discussion and puts his horse into the boat and starts to row across. I figure he needs some encouragement so I jump onto his horse to accompany him. B'redaru casts some spell on himself or his armor and walks across the water. After about 30 minutes of rowing the water starts getting rockier and B'redaru seems to be coming the other way. He says that rowing will probably take about 6 hours and Urdos decides that this will take too long and starts to row back. As Urdos comes back, this sparks the spell discussion into even bigger fires.

I don't know how, but eventually we have come to some kind of a conclusion. We will row across now without the horses and re-summon the horses the next day on the other side. Urdos and Surtur both row one oar. After about half an hour the water start to get rockier again, but we continue rowing. After 30 minutes more, a gaping maw suddenly strikes out of the water. In the little boat we have a fight for life and death in which B'redaru almost goes overboard. The beast breaths hot steam which scalds us all. Surtur and Thror valiantly try the ward off the beast with spells but it seems to be able to handle a lot of them! Everyone gets hit a lot by the hot steam coming from the monster, but the monster's last dying breath seems to be the worst! Surtur and Thor collapse in the boat, lifelessly. Noooooooooooo!

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