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Background story


Eowan was born in the city Myth Drannor, 44 years after it was recaptured by the sun lord Seiveril Miritar. His parent lived in Myth Drannor in the Dlabraddath section for 15 years before he was born.

Eowan grew up in this beautiful city and soon was send to one of its swordmage academies. His eduction there took ten years and he learned all the basics of being a swordmage. While he enjoyed learning his fighting and magic skills at the academy, and reading about the history of the world in the libraries of Myth Drannor, he found out that the academy and Myth Drannor wasn't his place to stay. When he became older and the world started to settle more, he often went into the ancient woodlands of Cormanthor. While it was dangerous out there, he enjoyed being on the road, and meeting strange creatures and discovering old ruins.

The dragonborn

When Eowan was 55 years old and was out in the wilderness again for some days, he was suddenly attacked by a huge beast. It suprised him, attacking with its sharp claws. A fight followed and both took serveral wounds, but when the beast hit Eowan on the head, everything went black. It probably was hours later when he awake. He seemed to be in some kind of cave and a huge humanoid creature approached him. When it came closer he noticed it had a dragonlike face and scales on his body. This wasn't the beast that attacked him. Somehow it looked friendly and Eowan was suprised when it seemed to talk common. "Hi, i'm Ziruna", it said. He told him that he heard the fighting sounds, and killed the wounded beast when he saw that it was attacking Eowan.

The dragonborn, as Eowan learned later, was living in that cave for a few months. He told him the stories about his old kingdom and why he was banished. After Eowan recovered from his wounds he invited him to come to Myth Drannor, where they stayed for a few years while making journeys into the wilderness and learning a lot from each other.

The tiefling

2 years after he met Ziruna another strange creature entered the borders of Myth Drannor. Eowan was interested by this tiefling, and wanted to learn from it and hear it tales. She introduced herself as Equilibria. She seem to be very interested in the Feywild and how to connect to it, and Eowan gladly helped her with that. In return she told him about her way of magic and about the places she came from.

To Highmoon

Eowan, Ziruna and Equilibria lived in and around Myth Drannor together for about two years. They had several adventures in and around Myth Drannor, but they all knew they wanted to leave this place at some point, and see more of the world, each for their own reasons. So Eowan said farewell to his parents and they went away, on the way to Highmoon first.

The Dwarf

During their journey they met the dwarf Grundhal which just was kicked out of his monastery. He was friendly (for a dwarf) and joined them on their journey to Highmoon

Feast of the Moon

In Highmoon they were just in time for the feast of the moon. Eowan had a great time and heard a lot of stories, and after that night the real adventure started.


Eowan is a 59 year old Moon Elf. He has an athletic build, looking attractive and has long, silky hair in a silver color. He wears it long and loose. He has deep pearly green eyes (lacking pupils) and a pale skin. He wears a very nice looking hide armor made of excellent materials in a natural brown color and a shiny longsword.

Eowan is friendly, curious and bold. Open for any adventure on his way and ready to destroy evil on the world and learn from everyone he meets.


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