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and inspired by Buffy's The First Slayer:

Background story

Equilibria was born in the dragonborn city of Tymanther. Although the rulers of the city accepted the tieflings in their midst they were often treated as second-rate citizens. Tieflings received hard jobs and worse pay, and were slighted in many ways. A lot of this was caused by the longstanding enmity between the two races and the history of the tieflings as demon worshippers. Indeed, there was a kernel of truth in the popular image of the tiefling warlock dealing with demons and other terrible entities.
However, Equilibria's parents were just good people trying to get by in the world. Equi was kept on a short leash to keep her out of trouble but when she came into puberty she wanted more. She had read about the world outside of Djerad Thymar, and had listened to many a minstrel and storyteller.

When her family had to suffer yet more restrictions and prejudice, this time because of a dragonborn political power struggle, the budding warlock decided to run away from her hometown. It was a decision made without much thought and even less planning and the transition from city life to the wilds was a shock. Fortunately, she was not without survival skills. Helped by her innate powers and a few bindings learned to her by her mother, Equilibria survived and wandered during summer and autumn. All was relatively well and she enjoyed the great outdoors.

Then winter came and Equilibria was ill-prepared for the fierce weather this brought. In fact, she'd have died in a terrible storm if not for a group of eladrin travellers on their way to Myth Drannor. They dragged her from the side of the road where she had fallen and took her in.
She was to stay with the band during their long voyage towards the Elven Court and from them she learned alternatives to the dealings with dark spirits which was her birthright. The eladrin talked to her about the Feywild and its inhabitants. Intrigued and recognizing it as a potential way of "salvation", Equilibria travelled along, determined to learn about the forces of the wild in the fabled forest of Cormanthor.

Along the way Equilibria met a lot of people, but most of these were content with their lives or fearful of the wider world. Of the few exceptions, few stayed with the eladrin and their tiefling protégé. The one exception to the rule was the dwarven paladin Gründahl who was sent out by his abbott into the world, to preach about Moradin.
The moody tiefling and the somewhat slow dwarf got along surprisingly well, perhaps recognizing their kinship across race, gender and beliefs. Indeed, Grün's stoicism has had a calming influence upon Equilibria.

After months and months of travel, the eladrin party finally reached Myth Drannor. Equilibria and Gründahl were welcomed into the ancient place. Against all odds, she was even accepted into the Fey Circle, a group of druids, shamans and the like that were an informal school for those interested in the Feywild. Equilibria absorbed their teachings eagerly and now tries to use the natural forces and spirits — not by commanding them but asking their favor and making deals.

One of her fellow students was Eowan, a curious eladrin studying the ways of the swordmage. His dragonborn friend Ziruna rounded out the unlikely quartet, even though Equilibria and the warlord didn't exactly embrace each other on first sight.
After several years of study and minor adventures, the group decided to leave Myth Drannor and see more of the world again, which leads to this tale and its beginnings.


Equilibria is a wiry woman of small height. However, her presence makes her seem much larger, even intimidating foes well beyond her height or girth.
Her skin is a dark umber and her hair, worn in dreadlocks, are burnt sienna. Her eyes — without visibile pupils as is the norm amongst tieflings — are glowing gold with hints of red. Add to this her horns and elongated incisors that come with her tiefling blood and one can see why this petite girl is often looked upon with dread. Depending on her mood, Equilibria herself is either amused or saddened by these glances. To be sure, the paintings she wears on her face and limbs to strengthen her ties to the Feywild do not soften her image.

The warlock is very passionate and often ruled by her emotions. When happy she all but bouncing around, similar to Lilsy, but she often suffers from spells of dark moods. This makes her name ironic but what few people realize is that Equilibria took that name for herself: a constant reminder of her goal to balance the various facets of her emotions, and indeed use them to her (and the world's) advantage.


Play aids

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