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Background story

Cold blasted into the inn as Lilsy burst through the door. She ruffled the snow out of her hair and if you watched very closely you might have seen her hand a purse to the old dwarf near the door. "Hi Thoragrim, I ran your errands for you", she said with a smile and a wink. "I'm going to miss you so much when I'm gone tomorrow. Thank you for all you have taught me!" Lilsy gave the grumbly dwarf a big hug. "Hey, did you see? There is a dragonborn in town! Is it true that they can breathe fire?" Thoragrim smilled fondly, "Aye lass, and some of them can breathe ice they say! It's supposed to be lucky to see that, but don't ask me what that looks like because I've never seen it. I'm sorry to see ye go, lass, but I do understand ye need to go. I do hope I've taught ye enough over the past year." Lilsy gave him one last hug and bid him farewell.

The rest of the evening was very similar, Lilsy went by all the inns and said farewell to all her many dear friends. In the streets, filled with people celebrating the Feast of the Moon, she was her merry normal self, making jokes and playing pranks as normal. She pinched the bottom of one of the cute guards while he was arresting a drunk and as always when looked over his shoulder to find the culprit he forgot to look down.

After she said farewell to her friend of all genders, races and personalities, there came the hardest farewell of all. Her brother, Jarrod, was in town. Lilsy considered sneaking off without seeing him, but she knew this was one responsibility she could not shirk. Jarrod was not much like Lilsy. The Wildblossom halfling settlement was destroyed by the Sembians when they annexed the southern Dalelands. Lilsy decided that this was a sign that there was no point in building something for yourself, but that life was there to be enjoyed. Jarrod on the other hand though was determined to rebuild the settlement elsewhere.

To get it over, she blurted everything out quickly. "Hi Jarrod. I'm sorry but I need to go. I think I would die inside if I spent years building a settlement again and have it destroyed again. I don't think I could handle that. Besides, I don't think I will ever want to stay anywhere that long. I want to see the world, live my life to the fullest and frankly I don't care who milks the goats or shears the fluffy mungools! Although the mungools are kinda funny though, but anyway I really can't go back! I just feel my destiny is out there and not just in the dale lands." It was not the first time that Jarrod had hear this, but he hadn't realized how serious his little sister was. Actually, this was probably the first time he had seen his little sister serious, but she is grown up now and he could not play the big brother for the rest of his live. Lilsy was obviously suprised when her big brother gave her a big hug. "Try not to get into any trouble you can't get out of." Jarrod knew it was naive to ask her to not get into trouble at all. "And try to find some friends to help you as soon as possible." "I will, Jarrod! Oh, thank you for understanding!" She gave Jarrod a great big kiss on his cheek. After they both recoved from their serious discussion, they both joined in the giant party, in Wildblossom-style.


Lilsy usually carries around a great big smile. In adventuring gear she usually dresses in black. For partying she has some nice dressed usually also in darker colors. She has green eyes and reddish-brown hair. If she can find them she will often wear flowers in her hair.


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