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Background story

Hildi was born some forty years ago in Nemilosh, a small dwarven community in the Desertsmouth Mountains.
Met Lilsy in the southern Dalelands


Hildegarde stands a firm 4 feet 5 tall and some would say about as wide. The latter is, of course, an exaggeration but it gets the point across. Her ruddy hair is kept in two long braids. Hazel eyes and a turned-up nose are placed above her ever-smiling, wide mouth. The right side of the her face is partially covered by a green tattoo of a dwarven tribal pattern. Her skin is marred by not a few scars, the results of her fighting style.
Her clothing seems of the sturdy, sensible type (bear hides, mostly) until one remembers the situations she often puts herself in. All of sudden, what seemed more than enough protection for a dwarven lass is deemed woefully insufficient. However, Hildi won't wear anything more cumbersome, saying that a few scratches won't kill her and that her skill should be enough. So far, it is.
Said skill, by the way, is in wielding the dwarven mordenkrad. A huge oversized bastard child of a maul and something pointy, Hildegarde swings it effortlessly.


Hildegarde is a cheerful woman with an insatiable lust for life. She wants to savour every experience life and Berronar Truesilver have to offer. This curiousity often devolves into recklessness, although she is not stupid or dimwitted.
Her open and bubbling personality would win her a lot of friends if not for her often blunt statements. While she is very optimistic by nature, she calls the things as she sees them and that could easily hurt some feelings.

More than feelings get hurt, however, when Hildi joins a fray. Her primal and earthly ways are then channeled into a whirldwind of destruction. Heedless of any hurt and often dismissing any defense as a weakness she quickly works herself up. This all-out fighting style could be her downfall if not for her skills and those of her companions.


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