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Background story

Gründahl was born as the third son to Bnur and Herna Hammersmith, who as the name implies run a forge in $location. As his two elder brothers were already destined to run the family forge, Gründahl was assigned another career. He was to join the monestary to perform religious tasks in favor of Moradin. He enjoyed his clerical duties but every now and then when unable to convince others of the awesomeness that Moradin entails he'd grab a chair or other piece of furniture to bang some sense into the none-believers heads. More often than not, some drink and a bar was involved. The clerics of his monestary recognized that Gründahl would not be the silent praying kind and sent him of to get trained in the ways of the paladin, hoping the training and tasks would wear him out, so there wouldn't be religous barbrawls anymore to deal with.

One day however, when again visiting a bar and getting into a religious discussion, Gründahl almost lethally wounded his adversary. The clerics of the monestary were barely able to keep the poor sod alive, but they succeeded. The Abbott wasn't pleased at all with this event and decided the monesatry wasn't a place for Gründahl anymore. To safe face to the outside world, the monestary turned the banishment into a quest to preach about Moradin into the far stretches of the world. And as dimwitted as Gründahl is, he was very happy to oblige. The next time travellers would visit the monestary for an overnight stay, they'd ask if Gründahl could join them on their journeys through the world.

And so we stumble upon Equelibria


A very sturdy dwarf. A bit of a dimwitted expresion in his usually friendly face, which when angered turns into a nasty grimace. When out for adventures fully dressed in plate, wielding a big shield and hammer. Red braided beard and hair and big blue eyes.


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