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Background story

Ziruna Ankarr of the noble Ankarr family was born in the year 1458 DR, a few decades after the arrival of his race on Faerun. He enjoyed a luxurious youth, by virtue of the fact that his uncle was all but guaranteed to be governor of Tymanther after the current governor stepped down.

As all young dragonborn he was taught to fight using the sword as soon as possible. But, even though he did not know it was already telling, somehow Ziruna favored the impopular and clunky bastard sword instead of the traditional dragonborn light swords.

As he grew older, Ziruna became interested in the lands beyond Tymanther. He applied to become a member of the guards, and indeed was soon seen as a very welcome addition. Always interested in the comings and goings of the other races, he did have a way with people from every culture.

However, he always remained a bit elusive to his people. Especially his uncle, now sure he would be in power soon, was not amused by his 'eccentric' behaviour, thinking it might reflect on him. And one day, Ziruna made a fatal mistake -- while talking to a human trader passing by in Tymanther he learned of a plot to assassinate the current governor. In his anger upon hearing this Ziruna fatally wounded the trader, thereby making it impossible to discover the identity of the would-be assassin.

A few days passed in which the governor was well protected while every guard was looking for any suspicious activity. None such was found, and Ziruna was fast becoming the talk of the city. Finally his uncle stepped in and proclaimed that Ziruna was a murderer; and that he had made up the story about a supposed asassin in order to preserve his innocence.

Because of his previous deeds, and his connection to power, even his uncle did not dare execute him for this crime; but he did proclaim Ziruna to be an outcast of the city of Tymanther, and sentenced him to exile in far away lands.

The night of the exile, Ziruna said goodbye to his father and mother and swore to himself that he would be back as soon as possible; he would avenge himself and clean his reputation. After that, he stepped through the portal that took him to his supposed doom.

arrival in Myth Drannor; meeting Eowan; meeting Equilibria; meeting Grundhal?; off to Semmyr


Ziruna has a bulky physique and does not attempt to hide this. This also makes him a tiny bit clumsy / anti-dextrous. His clothes are usually laced with blue colors, of the house of Ankarr.


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