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Session 9 (Scarlet)


Played on May 25th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 - Day 56

I guess Zuka must have heard my muttered curse, since he agreed to relocate somewhere out of sight of the enforcers, who were hiding on the stairs after our first rounds of fire. We both retreated to the building across the street from the hostel, found another set of stairs upwards and decided to lay low on the roof until the enforcers decided to call it a night.

After about half an hour without any more sightings of lights or sounds of combat, we went back to the street and after a short search found the rest of the team. We even found the bodysnatcher right where we left him and miraculously, all the bullets from the enforcers seemed to have missed him, so he was still alive, albeit still heavily wounded from the earlier fight. We picked hmi up and next needed to decide where to spend the night. The hostel seemed like an option to some, but was decided against by others. Next we decided to spend the night in a neighbouring building. We broke into the front door using Zuka's amazing lockpick skills (ok, he lockpicked the door after I busted through the nearest window thereby making a complete ass of myself. There, you got it out of me, happy now?). For some unknown reason, I must have thought the occupants of the building would not mind against us spending the night there. It must have been the fatigue that caused this really, REALLY poor judgement call. The occupants obviously did mind, and after a few more bullets headed our way, we decided to spent the night in the only other place we knew to be relatively safe: Saul's appartment.

We dumped the snatcher in the bath and had Novus keep watch. I crashed into the bed, well, into Ravian who was already occupying the bed, but I was very VERY tired and didn't care he was there. I was going to regret that in the morning most likely

23.M41 - Day 57

The next day, Arquis, Novus, Ravian and Zuka were interrogating the snatcher. I occupied myself with the removal of the white fibry graft from the spine. It was a very delecate work, even more so, since the graft had turned grey overnight and was very brittle. I managed to extract a couple of pieces from the spine before destroyingthe rest altogether. I borrowed one of Novus' glass vials to store them in. Let's hope Inquisitor Sand can do something useful with these.

I didn't pay much attention to the interrogation, but in the end I learned that the snatcher was basically trying to 'goooooo hoooommmee', pointing in a certain direction when he said that. The next plan I heard, was to build some sort of stretcher and transport the snatcher to his 'hoooommmmeee' on it, since he wasn't in a condition to walk there himself. Apparently, we would find some sort of mistress there, but what exactly was her purpose remained a mystery as of yet.

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