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Session 9 (Vhadeen)

Played on May 25th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

Finishing the plan.

56.23.M41 - 57.23.M41

Even after we made our way through the building and reestablished the team some of them wanted to go to the hostel. I was glad they were convinced not to afterwards and we went to see if there was another location to lay low for a bit to have a word with our captive. And yes we actually were bloody lucky that the body of the snatcher was still on the ground at the corner of the building we left him. After a pretty darn impressive stunt in the building to look for a resting place in the same building we left for the only place we knew we wouldn't be disturbed for now. Back to Sols place, it was a long walk, but it should still be empty at that time. And it actually was. We placed the body in the bathtub and had Novus keep watch while he charged himself from his own battery pack. Pfah, weird bunch those followers of the machine spirit.

The next day we didn't get much from the snatcher, he surely had a screw or seventeen loose in the brain department. The only useful thing that came out of him was that he wanted to go home to his misstress. He could actually point the way towards his home. Well another plan was quickly born. The thing would lead us to where we needed to be. A few problems though.. How to disguise the thing and how to get there as he had one badly injured leg and a crushed foot. Well, this wasn't my department, I was actually outside of the appartment in the hall to keep watch the whole time, the building still gave me a feeling that bad things were going to happen there.. Well, more of that next time, I have a business appointment with a friend and he owes me a proper dinner. Good night!

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