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Session 14 (Ravian)

The warp

Played on June 29th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

58 23.M41 – Aftermath

After the explosion we regroup near the train-station, which, according to my team-members, is burning heavily. Arquis, Novus and Scarlet head inside, Zuka and me are guided inside the building too, but soon we start to suffer from the smoke and heat, so we head back outside. Novus follows a moment later, coughing and spitting.

After a while we hear Vhadeen calling for help over the vox. Apparently he went to the police station to investigate. I reckon that would be a good place to get some new clothing, so I ask Novus if he can take me along.
As we arrive at the police station we learn that Vhadeen found a trip-wire and now needs some assistance in defusing the contraption. After a while Novus succeeds in doing so and he starts searching for some gear for me. He also improvises some dice so I can get back into business.
Arquis and Scarlet are done investigating the train station and they join us once again to help investigate over here. When they’re all done I ask Scarlet if I could try my healing skills to tend to a few of her wounds. Unfortunately the improvised dice are not on my, nor Scarlet’s side and I blow up again, burning all my newly acquired possessions in the process.

As we’ve attracted enough attention already we decide to head back to Sol’s apartment to get a good night’s rest and try to heal up a bit before heading back to inquisitor Sand for a debriefing.

58 23.M41 – Debriefing

The next morning I wake up and discover Novus crafting two new dice for me. To avoid any unnecessary casualties this time I ask Vhadeen to escort me to the roof of the building. There I start experimenting with the new dice, being very careful not to reach to deep into the warp. After a while I start feeling confident enough and attempt to use a few of my powers. It seems these dice work. Vhadeen also profits from my powers, as I heal some of his wounds.
When we get back to Sol’s apartment most of the others are still quite skeptical.

Everyone’s back on their feet, so we decide to try to get out of this hive sector to get back to Sand. The train station is still not operational so we take the Arteria exit, which is now guarded by other people then who have met before. Vhadeen flashes his inquisitor’s signet and we’re allowed past. This sector luckily has a fully functional train station, and after a long journey we can finally report back at inquisitor Sand.
He’s not overly pleased with the result it seems but we’re dismissed when Scarlet tells him he’ll have a full report later today. Before we go, we get our next assignment. He would rather have us go after the surgeon who was running the lab, but apparently we’re needed somewhere else.
The next day we’re expected to board a large freight ship which’ll bring us to the planet where our next mission will take place.

59-100 23.M41 – Rediscovering my powers

The next day we gather early in the morning and board the ship. We get assigned one cabin. When we’re on our way, I ask Vhadeen to bring me to the captain. I’d like to ask him for a bomb-proof room aboard his ship so I can start practicing some more with my powers as I feel the warp has abandoned me over the last few days. The captain is not to eager to help me fulfill my request, but Vhadeen and his inquisitors badge again make magic happen. The captain calls for a crew-member to escort us to a bomb-proof cargo hold.
Over the course of this week, Vhadeen every day escorts me to the cargo hold, which eventually I’m able to find by myself.

Over the course of our journey, I grow more confident again when reaching into the warp. Even to a point, where I consider myself powerful enough to start trying some more extreme feats. This results in a few mishaps, luckily contained within the reinforced cargo bay, but eventually I succeed in starting to grow back a pair of eyes.
To avoid startling crew- or even my team members, every night after my sessions I cover up my eyes with a rag.

After six weeks in outer space, we reach our destination and we embark in a smaller vessel, that’ll bring us to the surface of this planet.

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