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Session 14 (Scarlet)


Played on June 29th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 57

Suddenly we hear Arquis' voice over the Vox, he bids us to the trainstation, which he mentions is also ablaze for some reason. We guide Ravian, who is still carrying along Zuka, to the station and indeed find part of it on fire. Arquis and Novus decide to investigate the inside of the station only protected by their nose plugs. I decide to put on my void suit first before following them, leaving Vhadeen outside to tend the wounded and blind teammembers. Inside I meet Novus who is breathing heavily and going back out for fresh air. Arquis is still going strong, but by the time we reach the 3rd floor, he gestures to me that he too needs to go back down for fresher air. I gesture to him I will be making for the roof, taking into account the time it will take me to go back down. When I go outside on the roof, I see a section of the building which looks like the fire originated there. The mangled remains of a couple of gas-cylinders who look like they have exploded are strewn about. They look like something I have seen before. Wrecking my brain I suddenly realise I have seen them in an open closet in the police station. Their purpose was as unclear to me then as their presence here is to me now.

Surveying the roof for one last time, it is time for me to go back down to reach the street safely before the air supply of my void suit starts to run out. Meanwhile, Vhadeen has taken the rest of the team to the police station which turns out to be abandoned. Ravian is given a suit of armor that has been left behind, while I scout the place for any important or classified documents. After having scanned all of the most promising spots, including Warden Locan's office I return outside to start reading some of the documents. I permit Ravian to try and heal me while reading the documents and, in hindsight, that was NOT a good idea. The emperor must really hate our poor psyker since he repeats his previous feat of blowing himself and all of his properties up once more. He even manages to hurt me more than I already was and conveniently incinerates all of my precious documents in the process. I make a mental note to steer clear of our psyker teammember the coming time. Deciding this was not our day, we headed back for Saul's apartment to get some sleep and to return to Inquisitor Sand in the morning.

23.M41 Day 58

Since the train station was completely unusable after the fire, we headed for the Arteria Exit and into the next sector in the morning. This sector was decidedly better-looking then Coscarla and we quickly find our way back to sector FG32. Inquisitor Sand does a really good job hiding his frustration when he learns that the source of all the heresy has escaped, but after I promise him a full written report, he sighs and waves away our remaining excuses. He tells us he would like to get us back in to finish the job, but a more pressing matter is at hand. Sand hands us our new briefing instructions and orders us out. The papers tell us, we are expected on the freighter Brazen Sky who is bound for Iocanthos, a small planet in the Calixis sector, tomorrow morning. The trip will take us six weeks and once arrived, we are expected to oversee the concecration of a newly build cathedral, under command of Octia, the female right hand of Inthios. A cathedral... with our recent mission experiences and our explosive happy psyker, I wonder if concecration will not become, once again, demolition

23.M41 Day 59 to 100

Aboard the Brazen Sky, I keep myself occupied with tending the wounded in the medical department. I aid the on call medic wherever possible and try to cram as many medical data into my brain as humanly possible from talking to the medic and accessing his knowledge database. As payment I request a medikit to help me heal my teammates while on the mission. I think it will come in VERY handy in the coming days.

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