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Session 9 (B'redaru)

Played on January 28, 2007
Back to the village

Away from this forsaken place, Kroz 7, 863

We were standing before the door of the last room inside the complex that needed to be checked for traces of the wizard. It was the food supply room, last time it held some kind of gooey monster, but we have to be certain, this room needs checking out. A strange feeling came over me, we just emptied this place of orcs, but we are slowing down when going in for one gooey monster. This is a strange world we live in, being braught up in an isolated village still shows me how little I know of this world. We were clearly taking too long deciding how to do this, because little Lilsy clearly had enough of it and barged into the room, well.. As far as a halfling can barge that is. No other option than to follow I guess.
I couldn't see anything of the creature but I saw Lilsy make one of her strange tumbles and heard her call for us that there was some icky thing in there. Before we could properly react and get in there, Lilsy already got her little daggers in action and sliced the thing in three parts. This did not seem to be a good thing though, as now three of the monsters were before her. And before I could get some of the heat from her, the icky things attacked her from three sides, one dagger and some clothing disolving in acid quickly. And worst of all, Lilsy was hurt so bad she passed out into the dirty water we were walking through. With Yisha's blessing on my mace I quickly stamped through the water to get to Lilsy. I felt something touch me from behind and heard a murmer of some spell, I have no idea what it was, but my first priority was to get Lilsy out of there. I grabbed her and dragged her backwards before the creatures could do any more damage. A quick word to Yisha and our little friend was up and jumping again. I held her and told her to be a little more careful next time, she looked a bit strangely, as if I wasn't there, but she was still hurt so I guess it was that. I turned and prepared myself for the beasties to attack. Surtur was already calling upon his powers to scorch the beasts and arrows were passing to the left as Urdos was making music with his bow. I was contemplating retreat as the icky things were getting more and more as damage was delt to them, but after an arrow hit one it was too small to split in two and disappeared in the water below. It didn't take long after that, but I was glad I enhanced my mace with Yisha's blessing otherwise it would probably have been eaten by the acid of the things. Urdos' mithril armor needed repairs and Surtur was getting scarily naked. Tough little dwarf that, he was clearly doing far more damage than he was getting, but it was hurting him quite a lot. And worst of all, his spells were vaporising not only the beasts, but also the terribly dirty water around us, noxious fumes were floating around us and we had to get out of here fast. Some of us were already coughing, I guess me living in smoke all the time gave me an edge and I walked outside, unscathed by the toxins in the air. I asked for some help from Yisha and took a bit of time to see what I could do for Urdos' armor, but he was in luck, Yisha was in a good mood and the armor was quickly back to normal again. Surtur's clothing would have to be done tomorrow, but I don't think there would be much problem. He is hairy, but I like him better with his clothes on.

As we already thought the wizard wasn't in this last room either, we had one last place to check but there was not much hope he would be there. We went outside and made our way to the last tower, but before we got there the swamp was already far too deep and only the last piece of tower was above the water. Carolus was nowhere to be found and we would have to return to Flann's Crossing and bring what news we had found. It took us a few days more before we came walking back into the village again. Not much happened as Urdos led us straight back to the village.

Back in Flann's Crossing, Kroz 11, 863

The noon sun still smiles on us as we walk into the village, heading straight for the Magistrate's office. It didn't take long for Alora to find out we were back in town again, she must have some special sense that notifies her of people coming inside her sphere of life. Strange creatures these bards.
As we entered the entrance hall of the magistrate we spotted Frolm immediately. I greeted him and informed him that we came with news. After a quick visit by Frolm to the magistrate's office, he told us that the magistrate has a visitor, but that this news is more important and that we could enter. With him there was a woman who made her goodbyes as we entered. Afterwards we found out that she was one of the traders missing out on sales because the wizard had disappeared. Thror closed the door after us when Alora tried to enter the room with us.

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