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Session 0 (GMs)


Told in the voice of all characters combined

1 Nightal, 1479 DR

A narrow gravel path seperates from the main road and winds northwards a short way, before ending at a wooden wall with a large gateway. The early darkness of the late afternoon has already blotted away any specific details, but the gate still looks open as a faint hint of torchlight can be seen beyond. The village looks rather small and not particularly inviting. Although I've spotted other travelers pretty frequently along the East Way, spending the night along the side of the road this close to the Thunder Peaks might not be the best idea. At least this village might provide a hot meal and a place to rest my weary head.

The small sign next to the gravel path tells me the walled village is called Semmyr. How did I get here again? Last night passed as kind of a blur and my memory is kind of foggy. Highmoon sure lived up to its name because the celebration of The Feast of the Moon was one of the most splendid celebrations I can remember. It was hard getting up this morning to resume my trek. I must continue my travel westwards however. To Arabel most likely, for purposes very diverse. Finding treasure, my mentor, adventures, who can tell?

Pondering, I cross the gate and come upon a small cul-de-sac. A small number of people are still outside, going about their business. All looks really peaceful. But if my short life of adventuring has taught me one thing, it is that looks can be deceiving...

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