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Session 13 (Ravian)

My eyes!

Played on June 22th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

57.23.M41 – The plan

‘Hmmm, where did all those extra limbs come from?’ I wondered. ‘And why am I at the other end of the room, very close to Novus for that matter’. In my newly acquired body I decide to assist Novus attempting to get rid of that nasty monstrosity.
“Novus, it’s me, kill the bodysnatcher!’ I yell. This seems to work for a bit and I try to use all these extra limps, with scalpels attached, might have forgotten to mention that, to attack the bodysnatcher. Not quite used to all these extra body parts I fail horribly, and basically just swing the scalpels in random directions.
Arquis joins us and seems even more confused about my transformation then Novus was. Luckily he decides against engaging me and also starts hacking into the bopdysnatcher.

Then the world goes black and I get the same twisting sensation I had a few minutes ago.

I hear Scarlet and Vhadeen yelling at me. Scarlet eventually applies some bandages soothing my wounds.
An alarm starts to go off. Arquis yells from a distance to use the doorway to leave these facilities. As I recall the door being to my right, I start following the wall eventually leading into the hallway and the larger room with the desks which we’ve toppled over. I trip over one and end up face down on the floor.
I continue my path and eventually end up in the elevator where I start looking for the control panel to get me down. As I want to press a button which I hope would bring me to the bottom floor I hear Zuka shouting to wait for him. He enters the elevator and I hear the rest of the team following in his footsteps.
When the elevator arrives at its final destination, Scarlet and Novus guide me outside. As we’re a few hundred yards away from the building I hear a huge explosion and we’re thrown down on the ground. I think we’ve just completed another mission. Let’s hope no church was in the vicinity of the lab.

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