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Session 13 (Vhadeen)

Played on June 8th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

Destructive? Us? Nahh..


We did it again, we bloody did it again. That's what they were gonna say, we bloody did it again! That was the thought screaming through my head when we ran away and the almshouse exploded in a great ball of fire and flying parts.

But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit. We were in a bit of a stumble with that horific heretic. There was not much blame in my actions, but that's not what I thought at that time. I let the heretic go, I was scared shitless of her and I didn't even dare to come close. I was a young one in those days and we did a good enough job then. The thing I would be thinking for a while after that encounter was why I was afraid of that thing and why didn't I jump after her into the elevator shaft. I was keeping myself busy with her minions and yes the small idiotically swift ball of knives needed my attention otherwise some of my mates would have surely died. We were in a rough shape. We won but we let the thing escape. I was pissed at myself, why wouldn't our boss be pissed at us aswell? At least we didn't blow up a house of worship this time. But this sure as hell was helping to build up our reputation of mass damage. And it wasn't all positive in some peoples books.

We were massively wounded, Ravian had lost his sight and all his stuff and oh yeah, when we got outside the tramstation was on fire aswell. I was sure we were going to be blamed for that aswell.

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