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Session 13 (Scarlet)


Played on June 22th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 57

Still a bit off guard by the explosion, I looked at Ravian who was standing near the wall without any clothes or other gear. More important, his optical viewer was also completely obliteratred and he was staring out blindly from empty sockets. I slowly approached him, asking if he was allright. I should be able to heal some of his horrible burn wounds.

He must have been more desoriented then I thought because he even did not recognize my voice. For some reason he decided I must have been some evil heretic for he grasped out with both his arms, trying to strangle me. I tried to slap some sense back into him, but even this completely failed. He kept being very aggressive and the fact that he did not see me came in very lucky since his strength would have easily overcome me.

When I ran out of any other ideas, I decided to draw my gun and knock him unconcious with the handle. I gave it a first try, but before I could land the blow, Vhadeen stepped in and took my shotgun away. The blast must have damaged his brain as well, since he refused to move from in between Ravian and me, keeping me from healing him.

Meanwhile, the battle around us was in full motion. I tried to persuade Vhadeen to let me pass and heal poor Ravian, and eventually I seemed to penetrate his thick skull and he let me do my work. When he was healed, I surveyed the rest of the battlefield, and noticed poor Novus, who also had been hit several times aparently. I also practiced my medical skills on him and patched his wounds pretty decently.

With the immediate medical attention given where needed, I once more surveyed the battlefield and watched as our brave leader, Arquis, made a run for it, into the back of the room. I had heard the heretic female creature utter some vague threaths just before, and now a loud alarm was going off in the room as she fled the room. Deciding it might be a good idea to also leave the premises, I took a deep breath, and bolted in the same direction, through a now open door that I had not noticed before. The elevator shaft directly behind the door, came as a complete surprise. I thank the emperor on my bare knees that I managed to grab a loose elevator cable to keep me from plummeting in the depths below. Arquis helped me back into the room and together with the rest of the team, we headed to the elevator, for the now earpiercing alarm did not bode well for our wellbeing if we lingered any longer.

In the hallway we met Ravian, who was desperately trying to find his way to the elevator. We guided him in, got down as quickly as possible and left the building. We ran down the road with a rumble slowly building behind us. An enormous explosion ensued, which was immediately followed by a huge fireball, as the complete roof of the almshouse was blown off. Quickly glancing over my shoulder, I hurried along the road, tagging along Ravian together with Novus.

The ongoing heresy in the almshouse was now dealt with, but the 'mistress' of the bodysnatchers had escaped. I wonder if Inquisitor Sand was going to be satisfied with this result. Perhaps the lone snatcher we still had captured in Saul Arbest's house would make him slightly less disgruntled, but I doubted we would receive much praise for this dubious mission result.

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