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Session 3 (Magnus)

KKK Huntin

Played on April 11nd, 2010

10th of March, 1933 - There's Mike again!

Today we meet up for lunch at Frank's place. As we're nearly done with lunch Mike enters and tells us he's also got a telegram, but only saw it a few days late'. We decide to head over to my old precinct to determine where the KKK holds up these days in New York.
Some cops recall that there's three bars in this neighbourhood which are frequently visited by the members of that group. White Rider and Blood of Christ are pretty obvious references, but the third: Paddy comes as a surprise. That used to be a pretty nice establishment.

10th of March, 1933 - White bars

Going after the most obvious hunch first, we choose to go for Blood of Christ. Once there we order some drinks, which are quickly taken away again when Thomas slaps his badge onto the bar. We learn that this bar is visited by KKK members to get a drink and some food, but for the big meetings and such they head across the street to the White Rider.

As we walked to the White Rider, we saw numerous motorcycles, parked outside. If we arent going to meet the KKK here we might perhaps run into some "nice" biker gang instead. I asked Thomas to guard the backdoor this time to avoid badge flashing incidents this time so he entered the alleyway leading towards the back entrance. Frank would keep an eye on the front door.
Inside we counted about twenty rather scruffy looking bikers, to keep a low profile Roger went over to the nearest empty table and sat down. The rest of us joined him there and Mike beckoned the waiter (had their been any). As noone showed up to take our order, Mike went over to the bar and tried to order directly from the barman. I joined him as eventually this ordering turned into a rather vocal discussion about who, what and why should get served in a bar like this. Not long after I recognized two old "friends" of mine, both of whom I had put away in prison years ago. Wanting to reclaim some of that lost time the grabbed their knifes and started attacking us. In self defense I shot one or two as we started to retreat to the backdoor of the inn. Meanwhile close to the entrance there was also a big brawl going on, which initially was shushed down by Christoper buying drinks for the whole bar. But in the end even he had to grab his swordcane and fence off those idiot biker guys.

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