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Session 2 (Tom)

A missing artifact?

Played on April 4th, 2010

9th of March, 1933 - At the museum

The crime scene flowed before my eyes. Lighting up details of the exhibition that may be out of order. I can almost feel the act of theft happening again right before my eyes. The missing artifact, the opened lock and the broken glass protector. The police had walked through the scene unburdened by any real investigation skills. Luckily they hadn't been there too long. Signs of tracks leading from the sarcophagus to the artifact and the pedestal that was shoved aside in the flight. This pedestal which happened to be exactly on the path from the artifact to the side exit.

Taking a deep breath I explained the situation, 'He used the sarcophagus to hide in when the museum closed for the day. After nightfall he sneaked out and made his way to the artifact. Then he forced the lock, broke the glass protector with some specialised glass cutting equipment and took the artifact. Then he must have heard something and made his way toward the side exit in a half run, accidently shoving the pedestal out of the way. And thanks to Roger's keen sight we know he made his way from there to the real exit leading to a waiting car outside.'

After talking to the security guard, the secretary and the curator we found out that the man who stole the artifact was wearing some kind of white cape or cloak. According to the curator the piece of string we found wasn't any kind of special material. So no old or special clothing. According to the guard he had very dark scary eyes and some kind of emblem was on his chest. He gave a simple description but told us the police made an artist impression of it. We got a namelist of the people that entered the museum yesterday, but there was no way of knowing if the man was stupid enough to use his own name or if he entered the museum through another entrance.

We got the drawing from the police and this triggered a memory of Magnus. He remembered an old case he was involved with a way back. The sign on the chest of the man was not just any sign, it was the sign of a grouping who were very actively against any other racial color living inside our country. They had been growing in size the last years and were getting more active during these troubling times.

Why would a grouping like that want an ancient Egyptian sceptre? What was the value, what could it do and what were they going to do with it?

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