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Session 3 (Tom)

Getting information

Played on April 11th, 2010

10th of March, 1933 - Jean-Claude Restaurant

We met at our standard meeting place in Jean Claude restaurant in lower Manhatten. Frank was behind the bar and the rest of us were sitting at a table in the main room. Well almost all of the rest of us. We were missing one member of the group. Normally we are with six, but Mike didn't show up for our meeting with Maureen yesterday. Magnus hadn't seen any smoke coming from Mike's basement and the doorbell wasn't answered when Magnus came by to ask if he wanted a ride to the city.

Well, this was as good a time as any for Mike to enter the restaurant and join the group. He explained he was getting some new ingredients for his experiments. And if he was willing to drive a bit for it, it probably was something good. Probably dangerous as well, but what wasn't dangerous in his hands?

Maureen had only told him to join us and left the explanation to us. We quickly explained the situation and went on to deciding what we were going to do next. A quick decision was made to find us some Klan members who could give us some information. But where to find people from this group? Magnus offered to check with his old precinct in Queens as at least there we knew someone from the Klan was handled.

There we didn't get any names of people or clubhouses, but three names of pubs came up where people of likeminded ideas showed up at a regular basis. The White Rider, The Blood of Christ and Paddy's. Judging by the name Frank thought the Blood Of Christ would be the most likely place to go. So this was where we were going to go first.

We left Frank at the front door and sent Magnus to the back door, hopefully they would be able to follow any runners. The place was a bit empty, one man at the bar and three at a table in the back. I sat myself at the bar and Chris, Mike and Roger sat at a table. I ordered a glass of milk and the others ordered some drinks as well. When the drinks were delivered and the man returned to the bar I quietly placed my badge on the bar before his eyes. His eyes almost instantly went wild and he made his way to the table again, quickly trying to remove the drinks he gave my friends. Chris and Roger were letting it happen, but Mike wasn't going to let his drink get away like that and he quickly gulped the drink down in one go. I quietly waited for the man to return to the bar to answer any of my questions. And those answers came readily enough. Klub members came here frequently, but mostly only to start the night, they almost always went to The White Rider after a few drinks to meet up with others. I had heard enough, next stop, The White Rider.

I guess Magnus they didn't really like my direct approach, I don't understand why, it worked didn't it? But it was decided I was keeping an eye on the backdoor this time. It wasn't as easy as the last time, the backdoor was only reachable through a maze of back alleys and a bit of walk. The backdoor was closed and there was nothing to see for now so I made myself comfortable against a nearby wall and lit a cigarette. Even though the door was closed enough pub sounds were coming through to know there were a lot more people in there than the last pub. And I sure noticed when suddenly it got all quiet in there and soon after the sounds of a people fighting and firing of shots came from inside. I tried to open the door, but a chainlock on the door blocked me from opening it much further than a few inches. And when a shot was fired from inside and slammed through the door and in my arm I quickly took myself away from the door.

It was time for some official help. I ran into the street and started using my police whistle to attract the attention of some local police officers.

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