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Session 4 (Magnus)


Played on April 18th, 2010

Bar Brawl

Police whistles were blewn and orders were shouted to break it up. quickly the last sounds of fighting died down in the bar area. To avoid having to explain too much about what was going on in the backroom, Mike and me cuffed the guy and grabbed as much of the paperwork which was lying on the desk as possible and took the backdoor into the alley.
After a while, we all join up again as Thomas has dealt with the police officers. We start interrogating the guy but it takes some fierce persuasion before he decides to explain that his name is John Evans and that he was the one to steal the Was from the museum. He doesn't have a clue about it's current whereabouts though, apart from a name and location; Juliette and the harbor. His final words before he's done talking to us is 'YOU ARE TOO LATE'.
As we consider this related to the Was being transported out of our reach, Frank and Mike run for the two pickups. We quickly hand over John to the police officers along with all the paperwork evidence from the desk showing he was running a speakeasy in the White Rider.

Make haste

We jump into the pickups, I take over the wheel from Frank. We drive off towards the docks. After a while two motorcycles appear around the corner and they're clearly chasing after us. The passengers of both motorcycles are aiming their guns at our cars.
Christopher daringly switches seats to take over the wheel, so Mike can climb into the back of his pickup to try to fend of the chasers. He throws barrels of explosive material onto them which results in quite some damage done to the motorcycles and they eventually give up.
Thinking it'll be an easy ride from now on we quickly continue. But then all of a sudden a cadillac rounds the corner with squealing tires. Again a gunman is aiming at us, so we start swerving left and right trying to avoid getting shot. As we approached the Williamsburg bridge I made a trickmove as if I'd drive down the ramp alongside the bridge, but at the last moment I quickly turned back onto the road leading over the bridge, hitting a waterbarrel in the process. The chaser missed it and almost drove the cadillac into the Hudson river.
No more weird events occured during the rest of the trip to the docks a we arrived there with only a few knicks to the cars.

Who or what is Juliette?

Standing there we pondered how and where we could find this Juliette when all of a sudden someone considered it must be the name of a boat. Christopher barged into the harbormaster office requesting information on the Juliette. When people recognized him they quickly helped him with all the information regarding the Juliette. It indeed turned out to be a ship but unfortunately John had been right about being late, as it had left for Europe just this morning.
We quickly ran of to the docks where it had departed from. There some porters will still hanging around. They told us that they had been loading up the Juliette as it had to leave for Europe. They could also tell us a more specific destination; It turned out that she was on her way to Cairo. They also pointed us towards a dot on the horizon. The Juliette steaming of on her nine day journey.

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