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Session 5 (Magnus)

More relics to hunt down

Played on April 25th, 2010

Friday, March 10th, 1933 7:00PM - Jean Claude - Another telegram

Before rushing over to the airport to try and find a plane which can carry us to Europe, we decide to first have a nice diner and consider our plans as we got a few days to spare anyhow.
A yellow envelope draws our attention as we enter. Another assignment from our cover-up organisation signed with "M.". Thomas, Roger and Mike rush over to the Empire State Building to see what this is all about, but all they find is an empty office as everybody has gone home for the weekend already.

Saturday, March 11th, 1933 - The scythe of Thanatos

We all head home for a good night sleep and prepare for the possible journeys ahead. The next morning, Mike picks me up and we drive back to New York for the appointment with Maureen.
She tells us she's found new information in the archives. It turns out the Was is somehow related to a mythical figure carrying various relics from all kinds of religious and mythical sources. If all items are gathered it would be the end of the world, at least that's how the story goes.
As we've got a few days to spare Maureen advises us to go look for one of the other items depicted in the image she showed us. It's a scythe which used to belong to Thanatos, the Greek god of death. To determine where this scythe might be, we pay the local history faculty of the New York university a visit.
Doctor Ford, who teaches Greek mythology, is willing to listen to us and explain what he knows about Thanatos. He explains that there's a Danish sculptor who used the scythe in a statue named 'Death and the Maiden'. This status can supposedly be found in the Carlsberg Glyptotek museum in Denmark.

Tuesday, March 14th, 1933 - Copenhagen Airport

After a long flight with the Burwell family aeroplane we land at Copenhagen airport and gather our belongings. Walking out of the building we try to get the attention of a taxidriver. We succeed to do this but then we realise we didn't bring any Danish money. With some vigorous hand and feet explaining we make clear to the driver we first need to go to the bank so we got some money to pay him with.
Eventually we even achieve to reach the museum. It turns out to be a big park filled with all kinds of works of art and we spread out in search of our statue. A lot of wandering and searching later we've finally found the statue with something that resembles a scythe. When trying to comprehend the sign next to the statue, Roger can make out that it's a replica. Some German fellow is just as interested in the statue it seems as we are and he's eagerly makeing pictures from all angles.
We decide to start looking for someone who can understand us and who also speaks some Danish so we can start making sense of it all. When we walk out of the museum I notice a bar belonging to the same company as the museum, and apparently the brewey as well. It's been a while since I had a decent drink so we might as well see what they've got to offer around here. Lucky for us it turns out the barmaiden speaks some English, and she's willing to help the others with all their questions. I'll remain here looking after the bar and the drinks left behind by the others.
After a while and when nearly all drinks are gone, Mike and I decide to go check out the statue again. When we get there, the German guy is still busy. We ponder what he's up to and consider it can't be much good as the statue isn't that interesting that it requires such a large amount of time to take all these pictures. We decide to follow him to find out what he's up too. We'll catch up with the others when they're done getting holf of the actual scythe.

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