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Session 3 (B'redaru)

Played on December 17, 2006
Swampy Goodness

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 1, 863

Half a day we traveled north towards the swamp. Slowly the forest started to thin out and it started to get wetter. By Yisha's mace, if anyone wants to know where we are it would be the simplest thing to follow the deep imprints my heavy armor was leaving behind in the soaky ground. North said the magistrate, so north we go. I wouldn't know where north was even in this place even if an arrow was pointing towards it. That Urdos just simpy has an amazing sense of direction. This place is so unreadable and boring and specially dirty and wet, I wouldn't stand a chance if it wasn't for that dwarf. As we got farther into the swamp my boots were going deeper and deeper into the soil, this can hardly be good for my armor. A smile came on my face as that little rascal Lilsy accidently slips and falls face first into one of the deeper waters and I start to laugh as she comes out and acts as if she is some kind of swamp monster. As we go in deeper and deeper I ask Yisha if she would be so kind to protect my armor against these horrid conditions and a warm glow flows over my body and armor. I don't think it will do much good, but the lovely side effect is that I won't be feeling cold this night.
After going a ways north we come to some sort of river in the swamp, this river looking far too broad and deep here to cross. After a short discussion we decide to go west to see if there is any place we can more easily wade through. We were in luck, it was only a short way before we found a spot we could get to the other side. But this was still gonna be bad for my armor. Lilsy simply jumped over, but that was sure not an option for me and my 300 pound steamtech armor. After seeing Urdos just simply barge through I had a good idea of how deep it was going to be. I stepped in and started to wade through, it was getting worse fast, I was slowly getting stuck. I quickly put my engine into higher power mode, it made things easier, but that didn't last long. I actually had to put the damn thing into full power mode to ge me through. There would be some repairing to do for me this evening, I hope we find a dry spot to do this. After I got out, steam was everywhere and I almost ran into a tree before I could get a proper grip in the ground. Luckily Urdos was able to find a good enough dry spot for us to get through the night. It took me and Yisha about three hours before I got all the kinks out of my armor, I even think I made an improvement in the lower joint area.

The Swamp, Kroz 2, 863

We awoke to a quiet morning in the damp swamp. We quickly gathered our gear and went our way, farther into the swamp to find this wizard's tower. After a short walk Urdos notices that some of the trees are damaged. They seem to be eaten by something or other. What can eat through a tree? This already was proving to be a bad place simply by being a moist swamp, was it going to get worse and would we meet some kind of monster on our way to the tower? Urdos does not seem to find any other traces of passage though, so we move on towards the tower, hoping we don't encounter anything big and hairy. Too bad for us though, that didn't take very long, it wasn't hairy, but it sure was big. We hear some kind of sound and the halfling decides to have a closer look. Urdos moves behind a tree and starts to move forwards slowly too. Thror moves to follow the small halfling, but I hold him back to wait for the return of the halfling. What a mistake that was, I shouldn't have halted him, we almost lost that little bugger shortly after that. In the distance we see something move that might have been a tree trunk and shortly after that a scream of Lilsy. We immediately start running towards the sound. I put my armor in overdrive and easily outdistance Thror and pass Urdos as he reaches for arrows for his mighty bow. As I see some kind of multi headed swamp creature tower from the water tow arrows zip past me and bore into the thick skin of the beast. I cannot see Lilsy, I hope she is alright, I still have some distance to charge. Hoping that the beast has some intelligence hidden in one of it's heads I start to shout and attract his attention. Time for some colorful words for the beast and it's mother. Only after testing what insults work best on a creature like this it finally turns it heads towards me. It already lost some heads due to the expert marksmanship of Urdos and his now glowing arrows. Lovely magic of Surtur that is. The beast being no match for Yisha's powers it quickly died after that and just before it let out its last roar, a heavily bleeding Lilsy jumps it from behind and cuts of the beasts last head. How that little gnome was able to cheer so happily after getting that much beating I don't know.
While I ask Yisha to help me with Lilsy's wounds Surtur examins the beast and finds some value in the beasts eyes and cuts em all out and safely puts them in his backpack. That dwarf has some scary hobbies now and then, I do not want to know what he will be doing with those eyes. We decide we have spent enough time around this ugly thing and head north again to find us a likely spot to make camp.

The icky Swamp, Kroz 3, 863

Our sleep was disturbed last night by some floating lights and they seem to have had it in for Urdos and he was getting pissed fast. I had to ask Yisha to calm him down some, I know not what he might have done otherwise. Them lights seemed to speak somehow inside some of our heads, they wanted us gone. Time to get to this tower and find out what's happened to the iwzard and get out of this swamp fast. After a short march, Thror and Lilsy decide that those eyes Surtur cut out of the beast are spoils of adventure and that they are also entitled to get some of the treasure. This quickly turns into a silly discussion and me and Urdos decide to just walk on and ignore them. The only good thing that came of that was that Urdos' friend the wolf had a good lunch on one of them eyes. You should have seen the faces of those three when he did that. Brought a smile to my face it did.
It was not long after that we finally arrived at our goal. We spotted a tower through the swamp and made our way towards it. We came upon a featureless blueish stoned tower in the middle of the swamp with a purplish top. The suns rays created a beautiful twinkle on the top of the tower, too bad the top of the tower seemed to have been broken and fallen in. This was not a good sign, whatever will we find here. The tower had some windows at a height of about 3 meters, but no door on this side. After finding out we were upon the tower, Lilsy quickly ran forwards to have a closer look and found a door on the other side of the tower.

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