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Session 8 (Scarlet)


Played on May 18th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 56

When the adrenalin of the fight, with the bodysnatchers has worn off, I survey the battlefield. I signal to Novus to get his scanning equipment out and scan both the dead snatcher, and the unconcious one. Novus complies and its scanner almost goes berserk when he comes near both snatchers. A sharp piercing beeping sound out of the scanner signals the presence of nonhumand grafts. I ask Novus for his scalpel and start disecting the body. Making a cut from the base of the skull down the back, I quickly find something strange entangled in the body's spinal cord. I use my glow globe for some extra light and discover its one of those white fibry grafts shown to us by Inquisitor Sand. Slowly and methodically I begin removing the graft from the spine.

Meanwhile I hear Arquis signalling to the rest that he has seen some lights below, in the Arteria, heading our way. Damnit. Those must be enforcers who have been alerted to the gunshot sounds of the earlier fight. Seeing that I will never have the time to systematically free the graft, I ask Zuka to use his sword to cut the entire spine out of the body. Luckily it comes off rather fast. I take off my cloak and wrap the spine in it and then we quickly scatter across the roof and into the night. Ravian carries along the unconcious snatcher, but we leave poor Drayelock behind.

After we have convered some distance, we find a staircase going down, right next to a huge archway spanning the street. Looking around I notice we have lost both Zuka and Arquis. Well, we will meet up back at the hostel later most likely. When we get down to the street again, we carefully track our route back to the hostel. When we reach the corner of the building, we meet up with Arquis. Before we have time to talk our strategy through, the silence of the night is roughly disturbed by autocannon fire. I feel a burning pain in my thigh and realise a bullet must have pierced my Vastus Lateralis. Ravian drops the snatcher and flees. As I try to recover from the first hit, a second spread of automatic fire catches me straight in the chest and I collapse to the street. Behind me I hear the rest of the team running for cover.

Reeling in pain I am barely able to remain concious. I crawl across the street and try to take some cover behind the body of the snatcher, dumped on the street by Ravian. The next minutes seem like hours. Several more times I hear gunfire and bullets whizzing by. Coming to my senses, I realise that I'm pinned here. The only chance I might have is getting back inside the hostel around the corner. Unfortunately, the light from the lamp-post in front of the entrance would make me a sitting duck for the enforcers.

Slowly, a plan forms inside my head. Summoning all my remaining strength, I push the snatcher's body forward slowly, until he is lying just within the circle of light eminating from around the corner. I draw my pistol, take a deep breath and quickly reach across the snatcher to try and shoot the light before quickly returning to my cover. I miss by a long shot, but now I know the exact position of the light. I draw up a mental picture of the lamp and the surroundings, envisioning taking out the lamp a couple of times before I take another shot. This time I hit, and the street around the corner goes dark.

I wait a couple of more moments, before leaving my cover and slowly getting up. I walk around the corner and am about to reach the entrance when I hear Zuka's hissed voice. He calls to me from across the street and I decide to change my plans and join him. We position ourself in a small alley across the street from the hostel and Zuka points to the roof. A few lights are descending down a staircase near the hostel entrance. I draw my gun and patiently wait next to Zuka to let the men pass before entering the hostel again. At least, that was what I thought. I hear the crack of Zuka's lasgun however, and a cry of pain sounds from the direction of the stairs. Muttering a curse under my breath, I fire my gun too and also seem to hit home. All hope for a stealthy solution of this encounter seems gone and I'm not sure if I can handle another attack...

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