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Session 7 (Ravian)

Hunting body snatchers

Played on May 11th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

56.23.M41 – The plan

The rest of the day we discuss how we we’re going to try to catch the body snatchers. One of the ideas was, to use Drayelock as bait and tie him down on the roof of our motel. Not everyone likes this idea, but in the end we all somewhat agree.

I start working on an improvised alarm system, like we use to have back home to guard the perimeter of our camp. This time, we’ll use it to detect the body snatchers, attempting to carry of Drayelock. I cut of a number of bed sheets and tie them together. Silverware is tied to the improvised rope to act as the actual alarm.

We check out the roof and set up for the night. Drayelock is set down in the middle of a clear spot on the roof, about thirty meters in diameter. I setup a perimeter using my alarm system and join Vhadeen in one of the small sheds which are found on the roof. Others have also found some sheds or rubble to hide in.

Nothing interesting happens for three hours, but then all of a sudden three man-sized creatures appear right beside Drayelock, and one of them picks him up. The next moment all of us engage in battle with the body snatchers. Arquis is flailing wildly with his huge hammer, Zuka shooting from long range, nearly hitting me, Vhadeen using his shotgun to shoot down one of the creatures. Novus is shooting the creatures as they run past his hideout and Scarlet is attempting to write everything down on her data slate, eventually switching to her gun to assist in the fray.
I attempt to use my mind tricks to stop the creatures in their tracks. One after the other falls down and tries to get up again. After a while they even give up trying to drag of Drayelock along with them.

We end up with one very dead creature, one who’s still somewhat alive and the third one who got away by jumping down from the roof.

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