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Session 8 (Zuka)

Bang bang

Played on May 18th, 2008
As told by Zuka

23.M41 Day 56

I was trying to see where the bodysnatcher that fleed went, but there was nothing to see or to hear. Then I start to look at the other 2 we got down, I see Novus scanning them. A lot of loud beeps and noises come from the scanning device and Novus yells: "It works!". Scarlet starts to cut one of them open and finds one of those white fiber things. Since she can't get it loose from the spine, and the others are busy, I decide to help. So I take out my sword and start hitting it a couple of times. A big part of the spine comes loose, and I wrap it into Scarlet's cloak. Then we hear from Arquis that more lights are coming, and we decide to start getting out of there, away from the stairs, since that is where the lights seem to be heading. I guess the escaped bodysnatcher has found some friend to help him.

Arquis runs into another direction than the rest of the party. When I look back I see light coming from the stairs. Ah, I guess Arquis didn't meant more bodysnatchers, but just some guardsmen or something like that. After we have gained some distance, I decide to stay and hide myself there. That way I can shoot some of them to slow them down. A few minutes later a group of 6 men, probably guards, pass my hiding spot. 6 is quite a lot, and it seems they've already lost the track of the rest of the group, so I stay hidden. After they are some furter away, I start to sneak back to the place where we've had the bodysnatcher ambush since there's also still some light there.

When I get closer I see some people, 2 are bowing down over the hostel owner. Damn, if he is still alive, he could tell them about us. So I look for a good spot, aim, and shoot him down. I hit his leg, which I assume should kill him, since he already was that weak. Then one of the guys around there starts to run at my direction with a flashlight. I aim and fire, into his arm that had the light, and he drops it. Soon after that they also put out the light around the ambushplace. Since it's dark and they are maybe trying to find me, I decide to sneak away again.

A few minutes later, when I hear nothing anymore, I find some stairs leading down, and take them. I'm in the same street as the hostel, and next to it, where the stairs were, is some a light. I sneak up to there, trying to stay hidden in the dark, since the hostel was the place where we decided to meet after this.

Then suddenly I see and hear autogun fire. I quickly jump down, but it wasn't targeted me. Then I hear a loud voice screaming. If I'm right that's Scarlet's voice. I assume they are on the other side of the corner. I find a spot to lie down behind some cover and start shooting at the machinegun guys. My first shot hits one of them, but then I start missing. It's hard to aim at something you can't see. Others are also returning fire from the other side of the corner.

Then suddenly a few shots land just next to me. I quickly jump aside, and it looks like some guys from the roof saw me firing. I sneak further away, and the guys at the roof start going down the stairs. I notice that Scarlet tries to shoot out the light that's standing on the street. I start aiming to help, but then she succeeds in hitting it on another try. I sneak further to the corner on the other side of the street then where Scarlet is, and I notice she is trying to cross the street. I whisper her that I'm there and ask her to come here. Meanwhile the autogun guys are getting further away, probably following the others.

When Scarlet arrives at the other corner, we quickly decide that we should take the guys coming from the stairs out. So we take cover around the corner. I start to aim, a hard shot, since the stairways give them quite some cover, and shoot. I succesfully hit one, and then Scarlet also takes a shot, also hitting...

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