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Session 8 (Vhadeen)

A plan.. A bad plan, but a plan nontheless..

Played on May 18th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

56.23.M41 - Ambush

Yeah, I know, I didn't show up last night again. I wasn't in the mood and I guess I was snoring my way through the evening. But I am here now, you can stop babbling, let's continue. Now where was I? Ah yes, just before we made that foolish plan, which actually didn't go so bad, but it was the thing we did afterwards which wasn't so smart at all, if you ask me. Let me clarify my friend.

We were going to capture a bodysnatcher and we were gonna do it by leaving the hostel keeper bound on the roof and hide around him and wait for one of them bodysnatchers to turn up. Bah, they didn't even want to use ourselves as baits and and just wait till the snatchers would come and take em head on. But no use complaining too much, we decided on a plan and we ran through it. We forgot to tie the man down to something so the snatchers just appeared out of nowhere and picked up the man and started to walk off.. Well lucky for us Ravian was doing some quick thinking and had them trip up so we could catch up and turn the situation back to our advantage. Conclusion is simple. One dead snatcher, one heavily wounded but alive and one gone. Almost exactly what we wanted.. Not so bad after all.

But things ofcourse turned ugly again soon enough. Those bloody mates of mine decided that we would rendevous at the hostel. Not a bad idea by itself, but not so smart after we found out the local police force was on the way, we left the hostel keeper behind and we got split in three groups. Arquis decided to take another route, I didn't even notice as I was carrying the snatcher and was making my way across the roof to another way down. And Zuka stayed behind to cover our retreat. Good man, that one. We came away easily enough, to the other side of the building and there we found another way down. We made our way around the building back to the big square side. When we got close enough to the corner just before the entrance of the hostel we made out a light that was shining from the other side of the building. Well obviously people were there. And those fools were still going ahead with their idea of just walking to the corner of the building and having a look. We already had contact with the radio with Arquis at that time and he said he was waiting at that same corner, but I sure as hell wasn't going to walk straight into a situation like that. I told them I would wait a bit back around the previous corner to come help when they needed it but I wasn't going to be so stupid to just blindly walk around the corner. And my was I right, the moment they were all standing just before the corner actually discussing what to do multiple autocannons opened up and started to shoot at the side of the building. Scarlet was majorly injured and Ravian quickly decided another way to be safe. I quickly stepped out around my corner shouted that they should stay against the wall and retreat and gave the cover fire. We safely retreated around the corner, but the guardsman were tactically moving around us. We had no good retreat and they were discussing what to do, so I slammed through a window and made my way inside hoping the rest would follow. Well I guess they did. Was it a smart move you say? Hah, nothing smart about that evening my friend, nothing smart indeed.. But I will tell you about that tomorrow, I have spoken enough for today.

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