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Roger Hawkes
Name: Roger "Hawkeye" Hawkes
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Nationality: American


  • 1896 - Born in New York
  • 1901 - Roger's father died while serving for the American army.
  • 1906 - Went to the same school as Thomas
    Aspect gained: Old Friend: Thomas
  • 1917 - Roger escaped from America to avoid conscription.
  • 1918 - Ended up in Africa, where he met Henri, a french explorer. He joined him into central Africa. From him he learned a lot, like finding tracks, flying an airplane, noticing traps and secret passages, shooting wildlife, and surviving in terrible circumstances. He was like a father to Roger.
  • 1923 - Henri died by a trap in an old temple. After that Roger continued his search there and found an old artifact, which was later sold to a collector. With the gold he earned he bought his own farmhouse in South Africa, a small airplane and some more equipment.
    Aspect gained: It's a trap!
  • 1924 - The next 6 years were spend in Africa on different missions, about finding long lost artifacts, discovering new tribes and wildlife, seeking lost secrets and treasures, and exploring the unexplored, almost impenetrable parts, of Africa.
    Aspect gained: I wonder what is over there?
  • 1930 - Visited America for 6 months, to see his mother. Here he also met his old friend Thomas again.
  • 1930 - Thomas introduced him to "Project Silhouette", joined a mission, and it turned out that Roger was a good addition to the project.
  • 1931 - Went back to Africa to continue his exploration and discoveries there.
  • 1932 - Discovered the temple of Ouazebas (see book)
  • now - Contacted by "Project Silhouette" again and was asked to come to $place.

Pulp Book

Title: Hawkeye in... The Temple of Ouazebas.
Description: Hawkeye and his friends discover the long lost Temple of Ouazebas. But that's just the start of this epic adventure in Africa. No one would have ever expected what they found inside. Christopher 'silver-tongue' went inside with Hawkeye to find a huge underground city, home to the african 'Oagaba' people planning to unleash a terrible evil through the african landscape. Along with Magnus they had to use all their skills and resources to bring down this tribe of savages, thus saving the world from the evil they were on the verge of releasing!
Guest stars: Magnus Laisley, Christopher Burwell
Aspect gained: We survived it, didn't we?

Guest starring in:

Title: Dyna-Mike in... Siberian Troubles
Description: On a mission from Project Silhouette to rescue an important defected military general from the labour camps in Siberia, Mike discovers that there is a more important target to him -- a scheduled visit from Stalin himself is the perfect opportunity to dispose of Uncle Joe himself. However, Hawkeye needs to come to the rescue when Mike is lost for a week in the coldest region of Siberia. Together they find the camp, or at least what they thought that was the camp.... Will they succeed?
Guest stars: Hawkeye, ...

Title: Tom Fivestep in... Say No to Bankrobbery
Description: Mad bankrobber goes on a bankrobbing spree, unpredictable and uncatchable. In comes Fivestep.. Cracks the pattern and lays out his five step plan to predict and catch the mad bankrobber. With the help of Dyna-Mike's explosive skills, Tom, Hawkeye and Mike are sure to catch the bankrobber by surprise on his last visit -- and a nice explosive surprise it wil be. Will they be right and catch him? Hawkeye's sharp eye notices a footprint leading away from the scene. Is it the bankrobber's? or is there more to this story then just a bankrobbery? Start reading now and find out!
Guest stars: Dyna-Mike, Hawkeye


Do you have a nickname? How did you acquire it?

"Hawkeye", because he sees everything.

Describe your appearance.

See picture

Where do you currently live? Describe your house.

Owns an old farmhouse in South Africa, but only is there for short periods in between his missions. It has an improvised landing place for his plane. When he is away Abubakar, an african friend of him, looks after it.

What motivates you?

Discovering the long lost secrets and treasures of the world, exploring unexplored area's.

What is your most treasured possession?

His flying goggles. The only thing left from his old tutor Henri. Always wears them when in an airplane, and often wears them just on his head.

What is your fondest memory?

Discovering the long lost temple of Ouazebas.

What is your biggest regret?

Letting Henri walk in front when entering that temple that day.

Who in the world do you love most?

... Henri (and not physical no) (and he is dead now)

Who is the most important party member to you? How do you know him/her?

Thomas, we grew up together.

What is your greatest virtue? Your greatest vice? (If any...)

courage, curious, careless

Who in the group do you look to for advice, if anybody?


Define yourself in one word.


What quality/which skills do you bring to the group?

Surviving in the wild, hunting, tracking, navigating, great perception/vision/investigation skills and pilot.

If the campaign would be made into a TV series, who would you cast as your character?

Describe your character's "dramatic pose" in that TV series' episode credits

Hawkeye standing on the top of a sand dune, looking over the endless wasteland of Africa.

Character details:

Aspects (5)

  • Old Friend: Thomas
    You went to school with Tom, and grew up in the together. You've helped each other out over the years, and value his/her good opinion of you highly.
    • Invoke: Help Thomas, live up to his expectations, perform activity he has taught you
    • Compel: Assist Thomas when he is in danger, live up to his expectations, constrain you to do the right thing by him, always have to walk in front of Thomas when expecting traps, etc)
  • It's a trap!
    You have an uncanny knack for identifying traps and alerting others to them. Now, if only you could consistently do it BEFORE the trap goes off.
    • Invoke: sense traps, avoid traps
    • Compel: run into traps, misidentify traps
  • I wonder what is over there?
    Doesn't matter what it is, you have to poke your nose in it.
    • Invoke: Discover hard to find things
    • Compel: Lure you somewhere with promise of interesting discoveries, make you spend time checking places out
  • We survived it, didn't we?
    For some reason you always survive things that would've killed others. Only others don't get into that kind of situations.
    • Invoke: Survive things that could kill you, like airplane crashes, etc
    • Compel: Make dangerous things happen around you (like bridges that collapse etc)
  • Comprehend The Incomprehensible
    No matter how illogical, confusing or just plain nonsensical something is. it makes sense to you.
    • Invoke: Decipher codes, cyphers and riddles. Understand foreign languages. Make sense of confusion.
    • Compel: Give a false understanding. Confuse you with too much information.
  • Fortune favours the bold
    Things often just go your way when you do something bold. Of course, sometimes 'your way' isn't the smartest option. Think of the sorts of things that happen to Indiana Jones.
    • Invoke: Be lucky (when doing something bold).
    • Compel: Land you in the fire as you leap from the frying pan. Do bold things that are (very) dangerous.

Skills (15)

  1. Contacting, Engineering, Might, Resources, Fists
  2. Academics, Pilot, Mysteries, Resolve
  3. Athletics, Endurance, Guns
  4. Alertness, Investigation
  5. Survival

Stunts (3)

  • Quick Eye (Investigation - Observation)
    "I just need a minute to look around, and then I'm out of your hair."
    The character is able to investigate a location much more quickly than others, while still being very thorough. All Investigation efforts the character makes happen one to two time increments (page 227) faster than usual, allowing him to make one or two additional rolls in the same amount of time, or simply conclude his investigation faster than he would otherwise.
  • Tracker (Survival - Orientation)
    "Three men passed this way. There was a fight. One wore a blue hat."
    Your character is skilled at tracking, and can infer a great deal of information from a trail. When studying tracks, the character may roll Survival. Each shift from this roll spent thereafter gives the character one piece of information about the person or creature being tracked (such as weight, how they were moving, and so on). Normally, Survival can't be used to track something, leaving such attempts at a Mediocre default.
  • Danger Sense (Alertness - Vigilance)
    "Everybody down!"
    The character maintains a quick and easy awareness of ambushes and other nasty surprises, perhaps preternaturally, perhaps simply due to finely tuned mundane senses. Whenever ambushed (see page 112), the character is able to take a full defensive action, gaining a +2 on his defense roll, regardless of whether or not he's surprised (if he is surprised, dropping his base defense to Mediocre, this stunt takes his base defense up to Fair).

    • Evt andere opties:
    • Walking Library (Academics)
      "I'm reminded of an obscure passage in Thoreau.."
      The character's prodigious reading has paid off in spades, and he is able to recall minute details from even the most obscure literary works. The character is always considered to have a library on hand of a quality equal to his Academics skill, enabling him to answer questions with a base difficulty less than or equal to his Academics skill, using nothing other than his brain and some time for contemplation. Additionally, any research performed by this character in a real library automatically takes one unit less time (see "Taking Your Time" on page 227), and any libraries with a quality less than his Academics skill do not limit the difficulty of the question asked, as they normally would.
    • Trick Shot (Guns)
      "I should be able to shoot out the noose while I.m dangling from it. Can you get me the gun in time?"
      Your character gains +2 on the roll for any Guns action that involves shooting an inanimate object. While this cannot be used to actually attack another character, it can be very useful for indirect effects, like shooting down a chandelier.
    • One Shot Left (Guns)
      "One... shot... left!"
      That last bullet has a kind of magic to it. A character with this stunt may declare that he is on his last shot, and may make any single Guns attack at +3. This is the character.s last shot . its use means that there.s no more ammo, no holdout guns or the like. The only way the character is going to be able to use his Guns skill in the scene is if he takes an action acquiring a new weapon or ammunition, which may not always be possible. Even the Fast Reload stunt cannot be used to remedy this situation; you really are out of ammunition.
    • Endurance - Last Leg
    • Pilot - Flight - Barnstormer
    • Survival - Orientation - Due North
    • Guns - Aiming - Stay On Target

More details

  • Health: 7 (5 + 2 from Endurance)
  • Composure: 6 (5 + 1 from Resolve)
  • Speaks French as extra language (from Acadamics)

Equipment and other possessions:

  • small old/rusty airplane (in Africa), with only 2 seats
  • hunting rifle
  • survival knife
  • flying goggles (from Henri)
  • some dynamite
  • survival equipment (compass, lighter, rope, etc)
  • maps of Africa, some selfmade
  • some books and documents about myths and mysteries of Africa
  • etc.

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