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Thomas C. Fairbanks
Name: Thomas C. Fairbanks
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Nationality: American


  • 1896 - Born in New York
  • 1906 - Went to school with Roger and became friends
  • 1924 - Joined Project Silhouette
  • 1927 - Joined the BoI
  • 192X - Guest star in Pulp book of Magnus..
  • 1930 - Roger comes back to America for his mother. We renew our friendship and I convince him to join project Silhouette.
  • 1931 - Pulp book, Say no to Bankrobbery
  • 193X - Guest star in Pulp book of Christopher, Murder in Monaco
  • now - Silhouette gets me into...

Pulp Book

Title: Tom Fivestep in.. Say No to Bankrobbery
Guest stars: Dyna-Mike, Hawkeye
Description: Mad bankrobber goes on a bankrobbing spree, unpredictable and uncatchable. In comes Fivestep.. Cracks the pattern and lays out his five step plan to predict and catch the mad bankrobber. With the help of Dyna-Mike's explosive skills, Tom, Hawkeye and Mike are sure to catch the bankrobber by surprise on his last visit -- and a nice explosive surprise it wil be. Will they be right and catch him? Hawkeye's sharp eye notices a footprint leading away from the scene. Is it the bankrobber's? or is there more to this story then just a bankrobbery? Start reading now and find out!

Guest Starring in:

Star: Christopher
Title: Murder in Monaco
Description: A murder of an European noble in Monaco sparks a death-defying chase across the world. From the high societies in Europe, through the bustle of New York where Tom Fivestep joins Christopher to expose the murderer by reading the crimescene of an almost identical murder and laying out a plan to catch him. Unfortunately he narrowly escapes to make his way to Istanbul, where our heroes almost lose the trail. With the help of Dyna-Mike however, a bomb-threat in the most renowned brothel of the city draws him out for a dazzling confrontation surrounded by the mysteries of the orient!

Guest Starring in:

Star: Frank Mackley

Do you have a nickname? How did you acquire it?

Tom Fivestep. Plans explained and made in five steps.

Describe your appearance.

Tight suit, neat hairdo, hat, mustache. Far too serious all the time.

Where do you currently live? Describe your house.

New York.

What motivates you?

Catching all crooks. Preferably working from top to bottom.

What is your most treasured possession?

My notebook. Filled with my ideas and plans.

What is your fondest memory?

Meeting my wife in a daring prevention of a mass murder in a small cafe

What is your biggest regret?

Too afraid to go on a real adventure away from home.

Who in the world do you love most?

My wife.

Who is the most important party member to you? How do you know him/her?

Roger. Grew up together.

What is your greatest virtue? Your greatest vice? (If any...)

Who in the group do you look to for advice, if anybody?

Christopher. Sophisticated and worldly.

Define yourself in one word.


What quality/which skills do you bring to the group?

A good plan

If the campaign would be made into a TV series, who would you cast as your character?

Describe your character's "dramatic pose" in that TV series' episode credits

Actively drawing a perfect sketch of what happened at a crimescene after the fact.

Character details:

Aspects (5)

  • Far too serious
    • Invoke: Almost impossible to influence with comic nonsense
    • Compel: Might investigate something seriously that is just a joke from someone
  • Man with a plan
    • Invoke: Almost always has a plan ready. (fivestep)
    • Compel: Force him to make a plan when timing is essential
  • I know what he's gonna do
    • Invoke: I can predict what someone is going to do next.
    • Compel: When someone is about to commit a crime, even though it might have nothing to do with the main story line, I can be compelled to act upon this prior knowledge..
  • A lady does not commit a crime
    • Invoke: Woman easily come to Tom when something has happened
    • Compel: Easily convinceable that a lady is not guilty
  • I know what happened here
    • Invoke: A crimescene is not a mystery to me
    • Compel: Too much small details might come up and confuse the scene

Skills (15)

  1. athletics, endurance, fists, resources, might
  2. mysteries, alertness, contacting, academics
  3. resolve, rapport, guns
  4. burglery, empathy
  5. investigation

Stunts (3)

  • Cold Read (Empathy - Insight)
    "The first word out of his mouth told me everything I needed to know about him."
    Normally, to use empathy to get a read on someone it requires at least a few minutes of conversation, if not more (see page 96). Characters with this stunt may do so after much less time - two or three steps faster on the time table (see page 227).
  • Scene of the Crime (Investigation - Contemplation)
    "Stop everything! Someone has moved a chair!"
    The character has a strong visual memory, and whenever he revisits a place where he has used Investigation before, he may make an immediate use of Investigation in a matter of seconds in order to determine what changed since he was last there, as if it were an unusually detailed Alertness check.
  • Uncanny Hunch (Investigation/Empathy - Contemplation/Insight)
    "I knew it! The President has been replaced by a robot!"
    Sometimes your guesses play out to great advantage. Once per scene, you may make a guess about what the "deal" is with a particular character, object, location, or situation. Do not speak this guess aloud; write it down on a piece of paper and give it to the GM. The GM must accept it as a valid hunch that would be something of a revelation if true (i.e., no "I'm convinced that moon orbits the Earth!" - that's too obvious). If, at some later point, your hunch proves to be correct, you may use your Investigation or Empathy skill instead of any other skill, where that target is concerned, for one exchange. (A savvy GM will occasionally alter her characters' motives to match your hunches; if she does, that's absolutely perfect!)

    • Toekomst?:
    • Mental Blueprint - Burglary
    • Eye for Detail - Investiation
    • Focused Sense - Investiation

More details

  • Health: 6 (5 + 1 from Endurance)
  • Composure: 7 (5 + 2 from Resolve)

Equipment and other possessions:

  • Decent Suit
  • S&W model 1917
  • BoI Badge
  • Hat
  • Simple Investigation equipment. (Duster, measuring tape, bag, magnifying glass, etc..)

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