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Christopher Burwell
Name: Christopher 'Silver-Tongue' Burwell
Gender: male
Age: 20
Nationality: American


  • 1913 - Born in New York


Christopher is born into a very rich family and has had a very sheltered upbringing. He has one older sister. His father has always been working and his mother was always too busy being rich, so he has been raised by a vast array of nannies and butlers. Because Christopher had so many people raising he quickly learned how to influence them so he could get the extra half hour before going to bed. Later he extended this skill to be the most popular kid in school. The few chance encounters Christopher had with his father were where his father tried to groom him to take over the company. Christopher took up the lessons aptly. During his youth he travelled the world then and again with his parents when they had to be elsewhere in the world for their business.

Christopher's view on life changed when he was 16 when an Irish immigrant cleaning maid started at the mansion. She herself didn't make an impression but her 16 year old daughter, Holly, did. She taught Christopher that life is there to be lived and that life can be more exciting than soirees and dinner parties. They ran away often and got upto mischief and pranks around the mansion. (Aspect: "Life is there to be lived.") TODO: describe some pranks/adventures/etc

After a year, Christopher's mother decided that she was a bad influence on Christopher and fired Holly's mother. Christopher had got the vibe though. He didn't want a stuffy position in his father's company but wanted to live his life and have adventures. As soon as he turned 18 he convinced his father to buy him a penthouse appartment in Manhattan and his adventures started.

Pulp Book

Title: Christopher Burwell in... Murder in Monaco
Description: A murder of an European noble in Monaco sparks a death-defying chase across the world. From the high societies in Europe, through the bustle of New York to the mysteries of the orient. (Aspect: Globe-trotter)
Guest stars: Dyna-Mike, Tom Fivestep

Guest Starring in:

Title: Hawkeye in... The Temple of Ouazebas.
Description: Hawkeye and his friends discover the long lost Temple of Ouazebas. But that's just the start of this epic adventure in Africa. No one would have ever expected what they found inside. Christopher 'silver-tongue' went inside with Hawkeye to find a huge underground city, home to the african 'Oagaba' people planning to unleash a terrible evil through the african landscape.
Guest stars: Magnus Laisley, Christopher Burwell

Guest Starring in:

Guest stars:

Do you have a nickname? How did you acquire it?

Silver tongue, Christopher seems to be able to convince anyone of anything.

Describe your appearance.

Very handsome, sophisticated, well-dressed, well-groomed, instantly likable, smiling,

Where do you currently live? Describe your house.

Huge penthouse apartment in downtown Manhattan, New York.

What motivates you?

Drive for adventure and fun... rebellion against the expected position in the family company .

What is your most treasured possession?

A memento of an adventure had with Holly (TODO)

What is your fondest memory?

What is your biggest regret?

So many women, so many places, so many adventures, so little time.

Who in the world do you love most?

Who is the most important party member to you? How do you know him/her?

Magnus. Christopher adopts him as a substitute for his father who is never there. Christopher and Magnus met on a trip to South America while checking out some of the Aztec mysteries.

What is your greatest virtue? Your greatest vice? (If any...)

Who in the group do you look to for advice, if anybody?

Everyone and no one. Christophere makes sure everyone's heard but his decision is always his.

Define yourself in one word.


What quality/which skills do you bring to the group?

People skills, leadership, money.

If the campaign would be made into a TV series, who would you cast as your character?

Describe your character's "dramatic pose" in that TV series' episode credits

Think of James Bond's "he gets the girl" end credit scenes.

Character details:

Aspects (5)

  • "Life is there to be lived."
    • Invoke: Handle an extremely risky situation with finesse (at least more finesse than anyone has a right to have)
    • Compel:
      • Make you do something off the wall because it's risky (like chasing a killer halfway round the world)
      • Let Christopher refuse to do dreary routine work.
  • "Everybody seems to want to know the heir to the Burwell millions."
    • Invoke:
      • Get your way with charm, persuasion, wealth and looks.
      • Dominate the scene, becoming the center of attention - maybe as a distraction.
    • Compel:
      • Get in over your head with your looks and wealth (stalkers, groupies, thieves, etc).
      • Be subject to negative attention of jealous husbands, boyfriends, etc.
      • Be seen as a symbol to the Burwell Corporation. Zealous salesman, disgruntled workers, competing corporations can all be a hassle.
  • Globe-trotter
    • Invoke: Know your way around foreign cultures, get invited to a 3-course meal in the amazon jungle.
    • Compel: Christopher has seen so many cultures, sometimes he mixes them up.
  • Natural born leader
    • Invoke:
      • Convince someone to do something
      • Help a person or a team excel at something by motivation
    • Compel: Although he doesn't want to, Christopher naturally steps up to the plate if there is leadership needed. Compel to force him to organize something which is badly organised, volunteer as spokesman or otherwise get him into the spotlight.
  • Ladies' man
    • Invoke: Charm the ladies
    • Compel: Christopher just can't resist chatting to the ladies before running off to find the evil mastermind's lair

Skills (15)

  1. Art, Academics, Pilot, Drive, Endurance
  2. Resolve, Weapons, Athletics, Alertness
  3. Deceit, Leadership, Empathy
  4. Rapport, Contacting
  5. Resources

Stunts (3)

  • Ladies-man (Rapport)
    "How you doin'?"
    You’re adept at catching the eye of the opposite sex, and keeping it once you’ve got it. Any seduction attempts you make with Rapport receive a +2 technique bonus provided the target is someone who could be receptive to it (this is not always a simple case of gender and preference).
  • Big Name (Contacting)
    "Holy Moley, it's Chrisopher Burwell!"
    You’re so well known that an awareness of your name has crossed over into other areas as well. The first time you deal with someone who’s heard of you (spending a fate point can assure that they have), and you’re using your name, you get a +2 bonus to a Rapport or Intimidation roll.
  • Five Minute Friend (Rapport)
    “This here’s Ralph. He’s not too happy with the good Doctor either.”
    For a fate point, you can make a steadfast friend in a place you’ve never been, given a chance for five minutes of conversation. This stunt makes nearly impossible opportunities to make friends merely improbable, improbable opportunities probable, and probable opportunities outright certain.

More details

  • Health: ( from Endurance)
  • Composure: ( from Resolve)

Equipment and other possessions:

  • Sword-cane

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