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Magnus Laisley
Name: Magnus Laisley - Magpie/The Phoenix
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Nationality: Scottish
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Character details:

Aspects (5)

  • Scotsman
    • Invoke:
      • Get to wear a skirt in public and get away with it
      • Hold your whiskey
    • Compell:
      • The compelling effects of "Englishman in new york"
      • Cook weird food
      • Love whiskey during the prohibition
  • T.B.D.
    • Invoke:
    • Compell:
  • Straight as a ruler - Police Officer
    You worked on the streets as a policeman.
    • Invoke:
      • Stick to the law into the extreme
      • Intimidate, chase, know people and places and otherwise do policeman stuff.
    • Compell:
      • Have people recognise you as a cop when out-of-uniform.
      • Introduce crims from your past who may bear a grudge.
      • Make it hard to look the other way when something dodgy is happening.
  • You killed my wife, prepare to die! - Paranoid
    They're out there. pretenders, acting like friendly humans, but actually evil arsons!
    • Invoke:
      • Be ready for anything arsony at any moment.
    • Compell:
      • Make you mistrust those that could potentially help you.
      • Leave you a sleep-deprived miserable wreck.
  • The Phoenix - risen from the ashes - Relentless
    You never give up, never give in, and never let anything drop; you keep going, no matter what. You also tend to be stubborn, unbending, callous, determined, and unforgiving.
    • Invoke:
      • Achieve (or endure) physical or spiritual feats through sheer determination and grit.
      • Resist any attempt to change your course of action once your mind is set.
      • Intimidate and browbeat others with your intensity.
      • Keep going no matter what.
    • Compell:
      • Offend someone with your stubbornness.
      • Once you dislike someone, just keep pushing, keep escalating, until you turn them into a lifelong enemy.
      • Show contempt for "quitters"

Skills (15)

  1. Endurance
  2. Fists, Leadership
  3. Empathy, Might, Rapport
  4. Athletics, Contacting, Guns, Intimidation
  5. Drive, Alertness, Engineering, Resolve, Weapons
Street smarts: Contacting, Rapport, Empathy, Alertness

Stunts (3)

  • One hit to the body (Endurance - Toughness)
    "Is that the best you've got?"
    When the character takes a hit which would roll up, he may instead choose to fill in any number of lower wound boxes that total the value of the hit. Thus, if the character took a 4 point hit, but the 4th box was already filled, he could either roll up to the 5th box, or he could check off the 1st and 3rd box.
  • Thick skinned (Endurance - Tougness)
    "That tickles."
    Requires One Hit To The Body.
    This character just doesn't feel pain and can take more punishment than a lesser man. A character with this stunt gets one additional stress box beyond those normally granted by his Endurance score - meaning a character with Superb Endurance can have a top physical stress capacity of nine.
  • Instant functionary (Leadership - Organizations)
    "It wasn't until after I left that I realized I'd never seen that man before."
    You're skilled at seeing the shape of an organization from the underside, and in organizations of sufficient size, you can easily convince anyone that you're just another cog in the machine. This allows you to substitute your Leadership skill for Deceit whenever pretending to fill the role of a minor functionary of a target organization.

More details

  • Health: 9 (5 + 3 from Endurance + 1 from Thick skinned)
  • Composure: 6 (5 + 1 from Resolve)

Equipment and other possessions:

  • Colt Detective
  • Tommy gun
  • Black 'navy seal' like uniform with balaclava and army boots
  • Scottish formal army uniform with kilt
  • Brown sporty outfit with flat cap
  • Ford model T pickup


  • 1879 - Born in Scotland
  • 1897 - Serves in the Scottish army
  • 1900 - Took a boat to America. Got an apartment in Chicago, worked on various jobs, but always with people on the street
  • 1904 - Got married and bought an apartment in Chicago
  • 1906 - Son was born
  • 1909 - Joined the Chicago policeforce as a streetcop. Used all the learned social skills to avoid conflicts, got to know more and more people
  • 1915 - Bought a house in Greenwood Lake to escape the busy city in our free time
  • 1919 - Joined a Prohibition act enforcing unit, putting all the contact to good use
  • 1925 - House burned down, and it's still unclear how/why
  • 1926 - Son left for Europe to study/get away from me
  • 1927 - Left the unit due to two years of emotional conflict messing up my work
  • 1927 - Started rebuilding the house
  • 1928 - Done rebuilding, now start on rebuilding myself
  • now - emotionally quite alright, socially involved with the people of the nearby village of Greenwood Lake, performing small services

Do you have a nickname? How did you acquire it?

Describe your appearance.

Grey hair and beard (well trimmed), bright blue eyes, average height (5 foot 7). Wearing a casual sporty outfit and a flat cap.

Where do you currently live? Describe your house.

Rural village of Greenwood Lake (NY) a one hour drive from New York. Recently rebuild his house after it burned down a few years ago.

What motivates you?

Generic sense of adventure, do the things we wanted to do but never got round too when my wife was still alive. Travel around the world, see South America and it's Aztek/Inca culture, see Europe. Beside that helping people in need. But only if the people are already trying really hard to solve if but just can't without outside help.


  • Revenge on the (possible non existent/chasing ghosts) arson. Assuming the mob is behind this due to my involvement with the Prohobition.
  • Trying to get in contact with my son, who ran of to Europe to study and get away from me

What is your most treasured possession?

Picture of my wife and my sniper rifle: Lee Enfield SMLE No1 Mk III

What is your fondest memory?

What is your biggest regret?

Being too occupied with my work to not notice the situation the family was in.

Who in the world do you love most?

Who is the most important party member to you? How do you know him/her?

Someone in the party who's about the same age as my son.

What is your greatest virtue? Your greatest vice? (If any...)

Virtues: Justice, Jolly Vices: Stubborn, Revenge

Who in the group do you look to for advice, if anybody?

Define yourself in one word.

Power-behind-the-throne (yeah that's one word), got (street) smarts but won't be the one making the decisions or standing in the spotlight. Will be giving advice.

What quality/which skills do you bring to the group?

Street smart, stability, knowledge

If the campaign would be made into a TV series, who would you cast as your character?

Describe your character's "dramatic pose" in that TV series' episode credits

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