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Miro Kizjev / Mike Smith
Name: Miro Kizjev / Mike Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 42 (05-08-1891)
Nationality: Russian / American


Miro was born as the third son of poor Russian farmers and did not have a formal education. His eldest brother was destined to go become a member of the Russian Church, leaving him and his other brother to help his father out working on the land every day. At age 23 he was drafted to serve in WW I on the eastern front, where he performed admirably given the circumstances, earning a medal by saving most of his company during a retreat from the German front under heavy fire. He did this despite his growing unrest about the strategy in the war; the seed for his hate against corrupt leaders was planted here.

After the revolution Miro was allowed to go back to his father's estates. There he applied his engineering skills he picked up during the war; while during wartime he had become an explosives expert, now he tried to find creative solutions for working the land. He met his lovely wife and wed her in 1920. Soon after his son was born.

Unfortunately the estates were soon confiscated by the newly appointed overseer of the region, thereby confirming his position against corrupted leaders. On top of that his local outrages against the government brought the attention of the Cheka (KGB-predecessor) to him. He was lucky and was warned by a friend to flee the country before he could be arrested and brought to a labor camp. He was lucky to find himself on a boat to America, the promised land.

Arriving there he promised himself that he would find a way to find revenge on the new Russian government. Luckily he found a job with a local chemical company that produced chemicals for farms in the state of New York. After having worked there for five years he had saved enough money to buy himself a nice house in Aurora.

In Aurora he met Magnus, who was at first suspicious about the scruffy looking new neighbour. However their shared hatred of corruption brought them together, going as far as Magnus introducing Miro the Project Silhouette.

Pulp Book

Title: Dyna-Mike in Siberian Troubles
Description: On a mission from Project Silhouette to rescue an important defected military general from the labour camps in Syberia, Mike discovers that there is a more important target to him -- a scheduled visit from Stalin is the perfect opportunity to dispose of Uncle Joe himself. Will he succeed?
Guest stars:

Guest Starring in:

Guest stars:

Guest Starring in:

Book one

Star: Tom Fivestep
Title: Say No To Bankrobbery
Description: Mad bankrobber goes on a bankrobbing spree, unpredictable and uncatchable. In comes Fivestep.. Cracks the pattern and lays out his five step plan to predict and catch the mad bankrobber. With the help of Dyna-Mike's explosive skills, Tom, Hawkeye and Mike are sure to catch the bankrobber by surprise on his last visit -- and a nice explosive surprise it wil be. Will they be right and catch him? Hawkeye's sharp eye notices a footprint leading away from the scene. Is it the bankrobber's? or is there more to this story then just a bankrobbery? Start reading now and find out!
Guest stars: Dyna-Mike, Hawkeye

Book two

Star: Christopher
Title: Murder in Monaco
Description: A murder of an European noble in Monaco sparks a death-defying chase across the world. From the high societies in Europe, through the bustle of New York where Tom Fivestep joins Christopher to expose the murderer by reading the crimescene of an almost identical murder and laying out a plan to catch him. Unfortunately the murderer narrowly escapes to make his way to Istanbul, where our heroes almost lose the trail. With the help of Dyna-Mike however, a bomb-threat in the most renowned brothel of the mysterious oriental city draws him out for a dazzling confrontation!
Guest stars: Dyna-Mike, Tom Fivestep

Do you have a nickname? How did you acquire it?

Dyna-Mike, due to his skill with explosives.

Describe your appearance.

Lean, tall, scruffy. Wears a dark coat by default, even indoors. Continuously shifting eyes. Dark hair, brightgreen eyes (not unnatural).

Where do you currently live? Describe your house.

Lives as a neighbour to Magnus Laisley, in a solitary house that hasn't been maintained as well as it should be. Creaking windows, 2nd story leaks, and the cellar is the main area that Miro lives in.

What motivates you?

Miro's prime motivation is putting down corrupt governments / officials / leaders.

What is your most treasured possession?

The medal he acquired in WW I for bravery.

What is your fondest memory?

The time when Miro was living in peace with his wife and son just after WW I.

What is your biggest regret?

Having to leave wife and son behind without notice, on the day he heard that the Cheka was looking for him.

Who in the world do you love most?

His family.

Who is the most important party member to you? How do you know him/her?

Magnus discovered and recruited Miro for Project Silhouette.

What is your greatest virtue? Your greatest vice? (If any...)

Virtue: bravery.
Vice: anger -- easy to anger.

Who in the group do you look to for advice, if anybody?


Define yourself in one word.


What quality/which skills do you bring to the group?

Explosives, chemical science.

Describe your character's "dramatic pose" in that TV series' episode credits

Throwing a grenade into the house of the bad guys.

Character details:

Aspects (6)


    Temper temper... some people have a long one. Some people have short ones. You wonder why they bother with one at all.

    • Invoke to:
      • Threaten or intimidate someone with a show of anger
      • Furiously attack anyone who's pissed you off
    • Compel to:
      • Make you lose your cool in a tense moment
      • Cause you to lash out in anger
  • Face The Onslaught

    It doesn't matter what the odds are, you'll face them. Alone if need be.

    • Invoke to:
      • Fight against foes that outnumber you
      • Stand firm in the face of overwhelming odds
    • Compel to:
      • Keep you from escaping a battle
      • Make you face an opposing force head-on
  • I'm An Englishman In New York

    While you think you blend right in, there are still a lot of situations where people notice that you really do not.

    • Invoke to:
      • Compare and contrast details of your native heritage with the local one.
      • Remember details about your native homeland.
      • Act like a tourist.
    • Compel to:
      • Make you stand out in a crowd of natives.
      • Say or do something embarassing.
  • Big Badaboom

    You are good with explosions. And that means REALLY good. A little too good maybe... HEY WATCH OUT WHERE YOU PUT THAT HAND GRENADE!

    • Invoke to:
      • Create a big explosion
      • Magnify the effect of an explosion by tweaking the components
    • Compel to:
      • Make you really solve everything with explosives -- less talk more action
      • Let explosions be a little (or a lot) too good for the intended use
  • War On A Grand Scale

    You have been in the Great War, and have fought many battles.

    • Invoke to:
      • Keep his wits about him in a fight.
      • Assess a tactical situation.
      • Pitch camp in unfriendly country.
    • Compel to:
      • Invoke flashbacks.
      • Introduce old rivals from the other side of the battlefield.
  • Cutting It Close

    For everyone there is a certain amusement value when things happen in the nick of time; you are here to make sure they do.

    • Invoke to:
      • Find an escape gadget just before the interrogator enters through the prison door.
      • Set the bomb timer to the exact second you calmly walk out of the door.
    • Compel to:
      • Delay a crucial scene just a tiny bit for some new tension.

Skills (20)

  1. Might, Academics, Fists, Survival, Drive, Burglary
  2. Athletics, Deceit, Intimidation
  3. Weapons, Alertness
  4. Resolve, Guns, Endurance
  5. Engineering, Science

Stunts (4)

  • Demolitions (p. 148)

    Give me five minutes and this wall is history.

    Mike is an expert with explosives. Any time he can take the time to properly set up charges, the resulting explosion’s force rating is increased by three, by placing the bombs at the exact weak points of the targeted structure.

    This benefit does not apply without preparation, a target structure, and a chance to study the target. Thus, it doesn’t apply in situations such as setting charges hastily or lobbing explosive devices at zombies

  • Scientific Genius (p. 193)

    Mike is an expert on explosive chemical substances.

    Mike is a respected authority in chemistry, espcially research toward explosive substances. In the elite circles of this particular field, Mike is recognized for his expertise.

    Whenever Mike makes a Science roll pertaining to his area of expertise, he automatically receives a +1 knowledge bonus. When a science roll involves chemical explosives, his knowledge bonus increases to +2, and any research efforts involving the specialty are resolved at one time increment faster.

  • Scientific Invention (p. 193)

    Of course I can't fix your car. Too mundane! I can however give you a new engine...

    Mike is able to create new devices and upgrade existing technology as per the gadgets rules (see page 207), using Science instead of Engineering. You don't, however, have any skill at creating or repairing completely "normal" technology – stuff that wouldn't involve the gadget rules at all to work on.

  • Gadget (p. 193)

    Now see here, did you really expect I carried a simple lighter?

    Mike has a normal looking lighter that also doubles as a few other things:

    • a blowtorch, able to slice through concrete a few cm thick
    • a flamethrower, shoots a ~50 cm jet of flame continously for 10 minutes before needing to be refilled

More details

  • Health: 5 (+2 from Endurance)
  • Composure: 5 (+2 from Resolve)

Equipment and other possessions:

  • Lots of explosives
  • His russian army jacket

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