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Frank Mackley

Background story

Local guy in his mid 20's. Son of Marie Dillinger and Joseph Mackley. Known for his knife skills and being repulsed by guns and other ranged weapons. "Nowadays everyone seems scared of a fair fight". Only thing better known than Frank's loathing of guns was his selfrighteousness. He gained local fame after his infamous uncle robbed a bank and, probably by accident, killed a woman and child. Soon after this uncle John disappeared. Rumour has it that Frank killed him to set things right. Since no body was found, there never was an official police investigation. Frank always refused to comment when asked about it, dismissing it as 'a lot of nonsense'. Saying that his uncle probably just ran off and was hiding somewhere until everything cooled down. He never forgot to mention that the police had let it come way too far and that they should've acted sooner. Frank obviously had self-righteous tendencies though. Once he was caught for beating a boy of 12, who stole a purse in a crowded street. He got away with a warning from the local police sergeant and no charges were pressed. Another time he got into a bar fight after having an argument about the sentences that the judges gave to criminals these days. According to $char the only thing the justice system is good for, is giving friends and family of high placed bureaucrats a job for which they have to do nothing but sit up nice and be pretty. After these incidents folk started to call him names like 'the judge' and 'the enforcer'. He did not like such names, because they send out the wrong signal to both friend and foe. He was just Frank, a law-abiding citizen.

Character details:

Aspects (5)

  • Abandon None
    • Invoke:
      • Rescue friends and allies
      • Get everyone out safely
    • Compel:
      • Make you go back for everyone you can
      • Make you save an enemy from death
  • Righteousness / Good Intentions
    You strive to do what you believe to be right.
    • Invoke:
      • Do better when doing the right thing.
    • Compel:
      • Make your good intentions pave a certain well-known road.
  • Weapon Master: Knives
  • You're not content with simply knowing how to fight, you are driven to become one with the weapons you use. Your ultimate goal might be to found your own weapon school.
    • Invoke:
      • Fight with your weapons, especially
      • Use weapons in a novel way, or non-weapons as weapons.
      • Impress (or intimidate) people with your knowledge of weapons and fighting styles
      • Train others in man-to-man combat.
    • Compel:
      • Become fascinated with a new manoeuvre known only to your enemy.
      • Have your reputation challenged.
  • A Promise Is A Promise
  • Righteousness / Good Intentions
    You might have listened to too many romantic tales of heroic knights and noble heroes as a child. You are an idealist, believing those with power and might should help those who have none.
    • Invoke:
      • Defend the weak and the oppressed, or simply the outnumbered
      • Venerate the fairer sex and do great deeds on their behalf
      • Face great challenges with nothing more than your skill at arms.
    • Compel:
      • Reject pragmatic (dishonorable!) solutions to problems
      • Encounter people who need your help, especially when it will interfere with your personal goals

Skills (15)

  1. Alertness, Endurance, Engineering, Fists, Intimidation
  2. Academics (French, English), Art (cooking), Athletics, Resources (bank account)
  3. Empathy, Might, Rapport
  4. Sleight of Hand, Weapons
  5. Resolve

More details

  • Health: 7 (5 + 1 from Endurance)
  • Composure: 8 (5 + 3 from Resolve)

Equipment and other possessions:

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