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>1. A Misty Start (Thorndyke)
>1. A Very Misty Forest (Ulf)
>2. Spirits (Ulf)
>2. The Durst Family House (Thorndyke)
>3. Altar be blessed (Thorndyke)
>3. House to Rest (Ulf)
>4. Ireena and the Funeral (Ulf)
>5. Madam Eva (Ulf)
>6. A funeral, Vistani and a mill (Thorndyke)
>6. The Raven (and the Mill) (Ulf)
>7. Vallaki  (Thorndyke)
>8. Stolen bones (Thorndyke)
>9. Meeting Riktavio (Thorndyke)
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>12. The next card - part 1 (Thorndyke)


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3. Altar be blessed (Thorndyke)

Played on December 17th, 2017


I wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything so I told everyone we would finish up exploring the attic, have some rest and then we would take the winding staircase down to the cellar beneath the house to defeat the monster. We found some more bedrooms and a storageroom containing furniture draped with white sheets. We also found the skeleton of the lady in blue wrapped in sheets and stuffed in a chest. Dunstan figured out from the bloodstains and the slashes in her clothes that she had been violently murdered.

The Cellar

Urgoth led us down into the cellar where we hear a constant murmur, which, when we listen more carefully, resembles chanting of some kind.
We find various small rooms containing tombs. One of the signs reads "Wolter Durst". Ulf yells out that it's his brother. Most likely it's the ghost of Thorn speaking through him.
We continue our search and find a room with several bedrooms leading into it. I check the footlockers in the bedrooms and take the valuables there. Another room contains a nasty surprise for us. From the shadows a tentacle monster attacks us. Luckilly Lowna makes quick work of it with some well aimed fireblasts.. Another room contains even more tombs for the Durst family. It contains two empty tombs which, according to the nameplates are meant for Rose and Thorn. We decide we should give them a proper burial and go and collect their remains in the attic. I'm glad the ghost of Rose isn't there at the moment. Once we put the remains in the tombs and Dunstan says his prayers. The house slightly shudders once he's done and it appears as if Ulf is feeling himself again. I'm really glad he does. He puts the stuffed animal I gave him on the tomb and we continue our search in the cellar.
We continue in the direction where the chanting gets louder: "He is the ancient, he is the lord". Ulf scouts ahead by turning into a spider. I knew he had some nice tricks up his sleeve. As it take too long for him tor return we decide to follow him down where we find a portcullis blocking the hallway. There kneedeep water in this hall.
Before we check out what's behind the portcullis we follow a small hallway leading down to some prison cells. We gather all valuable belongings there.

Then it's time to find out what's behind the portcullis. Urgoth lifts it up so we can go through. Inside we see the altar on an elevated stone slab. There's also an elevated walkway along the wall. On this walkway we see the source of the chanting. There are thirtheen torch wielding aberrations.
The chanting halts and they state "ONE MUST DIE" in unison. Dunstan yells "BEGONE FOUL DEMONS" and bitchslaps one near him.
I put the hand on the dish I received on the altar and Dunstan says a prayer to bless it and to rid this area of the evil spirits.


From the back of the room a stinking huge pile of rubbish approaches us. Iolas finds a lever which operates the portcullis, which allows us to leave this room. We take stand in the room leading towards the altar room to take care of the rubbish pile monster. There's a lot of stench which even causes some of us to collapse. With some well aimed spells and crossbow bolts we manage to defeat the monster.
We quickly run for the winding stairway back up to the attic. The house is shuddering violently now and there's smoke everywhere coming from the various fireplaces in the house. Ulf uses some spell to create a wind to move the smoke aside to let us pass. There are swinging blades where there used to be doors but we all manage to go past them. Eventually we all make it outside just in time as the house collapses when the last one jumps through the door.
I'm glad to see that most of the gof surrounding the house has gone!

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