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>1. A Misty Start (Thorndyke)
>1. A Very Misty Forest (Ulf)
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>4. Ireena and the Funeral (Ulf)
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>6. A funeral, Vistani and a mill (Thorndyke)
>6. The Raven (and the Mill) (Ulf)
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>8. Stolen bones (Thorndyke)
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4. Ireena and the Funeral (Ulf)

Played on Januari 7th, 2018
In-game: Day 2-3

The Tavern

We left the collapsed house and started to search for a place to spend the night. After a short walk we found a tavern. We entered it and ordered some wine. It was a quite big inn. Inside there where 3 gypsies types, and 1 woman alone on another table. Lowna arranged some rooms and went to bed. Later that evening we learned that the woman was called Ireena, and she asked us if we can help her bury her father. Still wondering why she couldn't find anyone local to help her we decided to do that the next morning.

The Mansion

The next morning after breakfast Ireena picked us up at the tavern. We walked to her home, or should i say "The Mansion". It was the biggest house in Barovia. But all doors and rooms where boarded up. And the walls had claw marks all over them. It was then that we learned that every night the house was attacked by wolves! She didn't want to tell us why, but it stopped after her father died. Yes Aatu, I also think it's strange that wolves would attack a house! Someway the animals here are also cursed it seems, and acting unnatural. We should really remove that curse from the land!

We were let inside by her brother. And there we found the coffin. Since the flowers were withered, I casted a druidcraft spell to let them bloom again. That looked better, and the brother thanked me. We carried the coffin towards the church. In the meanwhile i casted a detect poison and diseases. Maybe i could find out if that killed her father, but there was no poison or disease nearby.

The Church

We reached the church, and also there we noticed claw marks on the walls. When we opened the door we heard a scream, and later we heard a voice below the wooden floor asking to be fed. The priest was at front, and it turned out that his son was in the basement. But he was turned into a vampire it seems! And all he would eat was blood! Yes Aatu, like a bat! Since vampire was a form of undead, Iolas tried to convince the priest to let him kill his son. But he failed. At least we convinced him to do the funeral.

The Cemetery

We went outside and the priest pointed us to a shovel to dig a hole. Since that would be very inefficient I shifted into a Giant Badger and quickly digged a hole. Some were surprised by this, but they will get used to it. And indeed Aatu, you remembered our encounter with a Giant Badger in, I think it was called, Neverwinter Wood. That was the type of badger I turned into, the size of a big dog.
After that the priest did some talks, the coffin was put in the hole, and I covered it up. Then they told the woman, Ireena, that she should leave town. Oh, and the priest mentioned something about that her father wasn't her father. She was found nearby the mist when she was still a small girl. It smelled like (yes Aatu, i was still a Giant Badger) she was kinda shocked by that. And she said she would join us and point us the way to the gypsy camp as a way to thank us for burying her father which wasn't her father.


After we left the cemetery we encountered and old woman with a cart full of pies. We noticed her selling one to people and then suddenly she took their small child and put it into a bag. The people in the house didn't even stop her! But some of us ran towards her, kicked over the cart of pies, and freed the boy. The old woman was angry, telling us it was their payment. And that she was selling dream pies. Almost a fight started but then in a second the old woman was gone.
I smelled the pies on the ground. They smelled good. And luckily i couldn't recognize any human meat in them... And who wouldn't trust the nose of a badger. We learned that the old woman lived at a mill one and a half day from here. It was further than the gypsy camp, so we wanted to check that out later. To free any children she kept there.

The Gallow

We walked for half a day when there was a splitting of the road with an empty gallow. We took the road to the gypsy camp. When we looked back, suddenly a body was hanging on the gallow. This was weird, and especially Dunston seemed *very* surprised by this. When started to investigate the body. And then suddenly it turned to dust. Weird right? We continued the road and arrived at the gypsy camp.

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