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>1. A Misty Start (Thorndyke)
>1. A Very Misty Forest (Ulf)
>2. Spirits (Ulf)
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>3. Altar be blessed (Thorndyke)
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>4. Ireena and the Funeral (Ulf)
>5. Madam Eva (Ulf)
>6. A funeral, Vistani and a mill (Thorndyke)
>6. The Raven (and the Mill) (Ulf)
>7. Vallaki  (Thorndyke)
>8. Stolen bones (Thorndyke)
>9. Meeting Riktavio (Thorndyke)
>11. The wizard tower (Thorndyke)
>12. The next card - part 1 (Thorndyke)


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6. The Raven (and the Mill) (Ulf)

Played on Januari 21th, 2018
In-game: Day 4-5

The Death Knight

We found a nice place next to the road with our back to a wall to spend the night. During the night we were awaken by Iolas. Apparently there was a zombie knight walking on the road. Or maybe it wasn't, since he looked smarter, and could talk. He was going to kill Strahd, which sounded like a great idea! But apparently he was walking already for a looong time. We let him pass and wished him good luck.

The Raven

In the morning we continued again until we arrived at the mill. It looked old and broken. We walked to the door and there was a Raven sitting above the door. I asked it if there were little children inside. It didn't know, but did warn me the witch and her daughters were inside. And that we should better go. For some reason this Raven was a lot smarter than other ravens I encountered before. It was almost as if I was talking to a human. Yes Aatu, I wondered also if it was a wildshaped druid, but i don't think so. But there was something special about that Raven for sure.
Dunston asked us to be ready for what was coming, and opened the door. We smelled the nice air of a bakery, and a terrible stench. There were some frogs in a basket, which I quickly saved. Some went upstairs, and there they met the pie selling witch again. Thorndyke presented her the ownership of the mill. While she was trying to pick it out of his hands a fight started.

The Coven

I succeeded in freezing the hag, but soon her 2 daughters came down the stairs and joined the fight. They formed a coven which made them all stronger. So we focused on the frozen mother. And with help from everyone we got her down. In the meanwhile Thorndyke saw his father somewhere and was scared. It was Iolas, who joined the fight very late, who decided to hit her with his silver sword instead of an crossbow bolt, that did the final blow. She collapsed in a puddle of goo. A few seconds later the 2 daughters disappeared again. Apparently to another plane.

The Children

We quickly searched the mill for the children. Upstairs we found 2 of them in some boxes. They were scared, but when they saw Ireena the ran to her. I guess they were happy to see a familiar face. In the attic of the mill I found a lot of raven nests. No raven was there. I could see outside through a crack in the wall, which also was the entrance for the raven, and noticed a circle of huge stones a few hundred yards from here. Yes, Aatu, similar to some Druid circles we saw before. Downstairs Thorndyke had set the cage with the chickens outside, and I thanked him for that. I freed most of them and kept one for dinner.

Mill on Fire

Before we would leave Thorndyke wanted to burn the mill. I told him he couldn't, since there were raven living up there. I even explained that we were told never to harm a raven in this world. Luckily I could find a raven and told him Thorndyke was planning to burn the mill, so the hags couldn't return here. He asked me to wait a second, so I did. And did,.. and did... 10 minutes later he returned with the smart raven I spoke to earlier. I told him why we had to burn the mill, and if they could make new nests. He understood and gathered all raven that lived there. They had a big gathering on the wicks and they were all talking, so i couldn't really follow it. It ended with them all flying away.
That was the sign that we could burn the mill, and so we did. We gathered some burning stuff in the middle of the mill, and me and Lowna casted some burning spells on it. A few minutes later we had a big fire!

The Stone Circle

After i convinced the others to check the stone circle we went there. In the middle i found a pile of small human teeth. Dunston picked them up and also found a small pie. We buried the teeth while Dunston held a ceremony. The small pie was thrown into the burning mill. After that it was time to bring the children we found back home.

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