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>1. A Misty Start (Thorndyke)
>1. A Very Misty Forest (Ulf)
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>8. Stolen bones (Thorndyke)
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8. Stolen bones (Thorndyke)

Played on February 4th, 2018

Helping Father Petrovich - The Fading 18th - 1503

Milivoi takes us to the church across town, passed the citty square. On the square there's a few people in donkeymasks tied up in a pillory. Guards are exchanging the wolfshead festival posters with new ones for the upcoming "Festival of the Blazing Sun". Everbody is obliged to be there as ordered by the Burgermaster. Milivoi mutters under is breath about the stupidity of the Burgermaster with his mandatory happiness...
Milivoi points out Father Petrovich is inside, we can ask Jesca to call him for us. He grabs his shovel and starts his morning chores on the graveyard. Inside the boy, Jesca, runs of to call the father who quickly appears from a backdoor, glad we've come to help him out. As it turns out, a few nights ago someone stole the bones of the patron saint of this church: Saint Andral. Only him and Jesca knew about the bones. We decide to investigate the crypt. There's the empty coffin with the lid lying beside it. Only few footsteps can be seen in the dust. Small ones beloging to Jesca who supposedly recently cleaned the coffin and bigger ones, most likely belonging to the Father who comes here on a weekly basis to pray.

We decide to pay Jesca a visit to see what he knows about what has happened to the bones. Ireena convinces him to whisper to her who he has told about the coffin and the bones. He tells her he has only ever told it to Milivoi and noone else. Lowna runs outside to keep an eye on Milivoi. After Jesca is done talking we also go outside to ask Milivoi for an explanation. As we go out, an old woman walks up to Dunstan, asking him if we could check if her son Udo is still alright. It turns out that he spoke up against the Burgermaster and got dragged of to jail or something. She hasn't heard from him since.
When we ask Milivoi what he has done with the bones, he first refuses to answer. But Dunstan stronarms him into talking. It turns out Hendrik, the coffinmaker, offered him quite a sum of money to steal the bones. Milivoi used that to buy food for his bortehrs and sisters. We take him to Father Petrovich so he confess his sins. The Father hears his story and says he'll have to pray to the morning lord and hope for forgiveness.

Hendrik the Coffinmaker

Milivoi brings us to Hendriks house and workshop across the village. I check the surroundings of the house and take post at the backdoor. At the frontdoor, Dunstan is knocking and asking to be let inside. "We're closed, go away!" I open the backdoor and sneak inside. I'm in a storageroom with a bunch of coffins. Dunstan knocks again. "Leave me alone!" I search throught he backroom and I find a stairs leading up to the first floor. Meanwhile, The rest of the group is downstairs arguing with Hendrik about the stolen bones. Upstairs there's a kitchen behind a door to my right, to the left I enter a large room with a lot of boxes marked junk. I pry the first one open with my crowbar. It's indeed junk, old nails, tools etcetera.
I hide in this room behind some of the crates as I hear the rest also coming up the stairs. I hear Hendrik saying that they shouldn't go left, where I am hiding, as that's where "they" are. The bones are apparently hidden in his bedroom located behind the kitchen. As I don't want to find out who "they" are I quickly join the rest on the stairs. Dustan checks out the cabinet which GHendrik points out and he finds two bags, one containing the bones, the other filled with golden Strahd coins.
Then I hear some creaking from the large room. Urgoth charges in to find six vampire spawns climbing out of crates, scrambling up the walls to the ceiling. Lowna calls out that we've found the family, Hendrik was talking about to be hiding for the nobleman Vazali von Hold. We fight them valiantly but somehow they seem to be regenerating their wounds. Then all of a sudden Iolas calls out that driving a wooden stake through their heart would be much more effective. I run tot he kitchen and break a chair to make four stakes. I hand one to Dunstan who stabs one of the spawns with it. This indeed does work a lot better, good call Iolas!
When I see what Ulf's moonbeam does to a few of the other spawns, I consider that opening up the blinds in front of the windows will do an even better job. Indeed it does and blisters start to appear. Dunstan uses some magic weapon to open the blinds at another window allowing in even more daylight. The spawns are really suffering nowwill do an even better job. Indeed it does and blisters start to appear. Dunstan uses some magic weapon to open the blinds at another window allowing in even more daylight. The spawns are really suffering now.

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