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Session 2 (Scarlet)


Played on April 6th,
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 36

Ravian decides to withdraw from the battle as he hears a few shots whizz by and sees Zuka's considerably large gun pointing right at him. That might require some explanation between the two later. The battle is taking a grim turn as Vhadeen and Arquis decide to put their backs into it. Their hammers completely sever a leg of two of the mutants fleshy mutants and they both collapse in a bloody heap, uttering inhuman screams that echo loudly through the remains of the church. Seconds later the third mutant with the leathery skin suffers a similar fate, but he to spare our ears from another assault and dies without a sound.

My collegeaus waste no further time on the offspring of chaos and start to explore the remainder of the church as soon as the creatures die. I decide to sample the blood of the mutant with the leathery skin to decide if his mutation was caused by overexposion to stimm. This might be a lead to finding a cure for the diseases of chaos. I also pocket the gun the leader of the three was holding and three rounds of ammo

Meanwhile Arquis and Vhadeen find the body of Varna near the altar, or rather what's left of it. Her torso is riddled with deep claw-like gashes and her face is barely recognisable. Her corpse is in far better condition than those of her team though. We find parts of the bodies of Cortez and his other two teammates strewn through the entire church. We quickly collect the inquisitorial insignias and the automatic shotgun Varna was carrying. Both salvaged weapons are handed to Novus to have him 'Cleanse the machine spirit' as he calls it. I have no idea what that means exactly, but both weapons function perfectly after he's done with them. I put the pistol in my backpack to use as a spare and the shotgun is handed to Vhadeen. With a 'Woman, can you fire this?' he throws me his pump-action shotgun. I catch the weapon and test the reloading mechanism. This might come in very handy with the current way our team seems to handle some situations.

Next I turn my attention back to the corpses of our colleagues. I ask Arquis to help me build a pyre out of the rubble of the church benches and the one remaining church door outside. I say a quick prayer to the emperor and set the pyre ablaze. The flames immediately starts consuming the bodies of our former colleagues. Meanwhile, Zuka and Ravian discover a small stream of toxic material which originates from a large pile of waste behind the church. Several rather large specimen of vermin have made their home inside the pile, but as is is obviously tainted by chaos, our team decides to burn the entire heap.

Seeing as all chaotic roots have been eliminated and the pyre is blazing, our team decides to call it a day and start heading back to Inthios' headquarters to report a 'mission completed'. We are almost a hundred yards away from the church, as an explosion behind us rocks the foundations of the nearby buildings. I turn my head to look at the devastation and promptly catch a large piece of rubble in the forehead. OUCH! In the metro back Ravian does some of his mindgames that I'm getting accustomed to and stops the bleeding and pounding pain in my face.

When we return to sector BL23, Octia does not look happy when Vhadeen stutters something about blown up churches. I must restrain myself to keep from giggling at his obvious discomfort. After a few more minutes of torture, she lets us slide and we're invited into the room of Inthios himself. His room is decorated as you would expect of a man of his status. Only the necessary furniture is present and his imperial recommendations are prominently displayed. Inthios himself is sitting in a large chair behind a matching wooden desk. He starts to explain our next mission in short and business-like terms.

We are to travel to the large hive world of Scintilla. We are to travel incognito and take residence in hab-block 714 in sector DZ34. Our transport has been booked on a trading vessel, which will depart tommorow morning. I decide to put the remaining time to good use purchase some additional ammo. Because of the cover it might come in very handy to be able to communicate with the rest of my team inconspiciously, therefor I advise our entire team to purchase a micro-bead. Ofcourse they listen to my wisdom. I decide my cover will be a gypsy truthsayer.

23.M41 Day 37

I decide to practise my truthsaying skills to perfect my cover during the two week trip. Because I don't want to blow my cover, I practise on my teammates just as much as on the other four people who were travelling with us.

23.M41 Day 51

Apart from my gypsy activities, the rest of the journey to Scintilla and the subsequent trip to hab-block 714 in sector DZ34 were very uneventful. As we were supposed to kill time until we received further orders, I decide to set up a small truthsaying stall outside of our hab-block and call myself madame Zuthra.

23.M41 Day 54

The fourth day I'm approached by an unremarkable individual with black hair. He slips me a cylindrical container during his session and leaves without a word. To camouflage his act, I decide to do a few more predictions before I dismantle my post and return inside. I hand the container to Arquis who produces a small paper with a ciphered order. 'You are expected tomorrow 11:00 hours in the adminstrator's quarters in sector FG32, near the lift platform.' we read using a level 3 alpha decipher. The message is signed with the usual: 'The Emperor protects.' At last, the waiting ends...

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