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Session 2 (Ravian)


Played on April 6th, 2008
As recalled by Ravian

36.23.M41 – The church

I quickly retreat from battle when I see Zuka firing into the fray and head outside the church. Moments later I hear two extremely loud inhumane screams coming from inside. Then an eerie silence fills the area. It seems safe to enter again so I go check out what the rest have been up to.

Some of the team search the whole of the church and find what seems to be the mutant’s last victim. It turns out to, this used to be Vharna, one of Cortez’ team. She’s maimed and trampled by the mutants, a large toxic footprint covering her chest.

After further investigation we also discover more body parts. Putting these together would make up for the whole of Cortez’ team. That’s one part of our assignment done. I start searching the surroundings of the church to find out about the source of the toxin induced mutations. At the back of the building I discover a toxin trail originating from a huge pile of garbage.

After some discussion, we decide to burn the pile to get rid of this mess by burning it. Meanwhile, Scarlet has been gathering wood to burn the remains of the other team. I take one burning piece of wood and use it to set the garbage on fire. It turns into a great blazing bonfire, smoke causing some of our team to almost throw up.

As we walk away, our second objective completed, a huge explosion nearly knocks us over. Some debris is flying around as dangerous projectiles. As the dust settles somewhat, it seems the bonfire has exploded taking down the church.

After a few hours travel we report back at Octia. She interrogates us about why we blew up a church, where all we did was cleanse the area of the foul mess. Inthios asks us to join him in his room. There we receive a new assignment. We’re to report on the hive world Scintilla to perform a covert mission.

As the spaceship which will take us there is due to leave tomorrow, I take the rest of the night of. I head to a bar together with Vhadeen, who still must learn me how to push those bots the right way.

37.23.M41 – 51.23.M41 – Heading for Scintilla

The next morning we embark on a bulk trader together with four other passengers and the crew. I try to remain inconspicuous and avoid contact with most of the other people on the ship, including our team. The journey is long and uneventful, but eventually we’re there.

51.23.M41 – 54.23.M41 – Waiting for orders

We arrive on the planet and just like during the journey, we all find our separate ways to our designated lodging, hab-block 714 in area DZ-34. To earn a little extra income, Scarlet sets up a fortune telling booth. As madame Zultra she eventually gets quite some visitors until one day, an unremarkable middle-aged customer visits her, leaving a case sealed with the eagle sign. A few more customers and Scarlet calls it a day, taking the case to our hab-block.

The case contains a piece of paper with our new instructions. We are to report tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock at the admin quarter FG-32, elevator platform. It’s signed ‘The Emperor Protects’.

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