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Session 2 (Vhadeen)

May the Emperor forgive us

Played on April 6th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

36.23.M41 - Darn Muties

Oh, what a bloody darn brilliant idea that was! Let's just torch everything, sure, that'll take care of them and about the rest of the neighbourhood and let's not forget about the temple which was in the middle of it all! What you say? Oh, sorry friend I am getting ahead of myself again. We were heading into a fight you say? Ah, yes, nothing brilliant, they were too close for shooting so we resorted to smashing their heads in with our melee weapons. Pretty thorough actually, specially that huge hammer of Arquis, better not get that one implanted in any of your body parts I tell ya. I wonder if he still carries that one around with him or not, no idea, I lost track of him a while back, he was intended for great things he was, and me being just a guardsman, I took my time to get where I am now, pretty decent if you ask me. But I might actually get to that if you have some months to spare. There are some truly good stories in there somewhere, if I can still remember em right ofcourse.
Yeah yeah, I'll get back to my story again if you fetch me another ale, need to get the drink flowing to keep my memory muscles running, my friend.. Ahhh, thanks a lot, well well.. Where was I? O yeah, those darn muties died ofcourse, no big thingie, I can never really remember the details anyway, the fight comes, them or us get trampled and the fight ends. Well at least those muties didn't used to be Cortez and his team, wouldn't want to have to hurt friends. But after a quick look around we found Vharna first and parts of the others soon after that, not much left of em after those muties were done with em. Damn shame of good men if you ask me, they must have been hit hard and maybe there were some more of them around if they took down Cortez' team so easily. Ah well, I had a beer in their name a bit later and I thought Cortez would hold a place in my heart for a while until I forget ofcourse. Haha! Guess I still remember the man's name after all this time, some buggers just won't let themselves be forgotten.
Well nothing left in the temple after that so I decided to check outside and do a quick perimeter check of the square to see if any other dangers were around. Nothing out there, so I decided to watch the avenue and the doors and wait for the others to get outside and decide what to do. After this things started to get pretty darn stupid if you ask me. They might have called it creative or simple solution to a simple problem, but come on! One part of our team decides to waste their time on actually burning the corpses, what good does that do? At least they did it outside of the church. And if one plays with fire others always want to join I guess. No idea if that was the case or another bright idea, but I didn't really get a chance to find out what they did exactly, but soon smoke was coming from behind the church and some of my mates were breathing it in and were starting to cough. I guess that was a good time for us to leave and get our butts all the way back to the tram pronto. A big explosion clobbered us from behind while we were making our retreat towards safety. Well whatever was there sure as hell wasn't anymore now. Mission accomplished I guess, but it sure gave me a bad feeling. We were told the emperor wouldn't feel too bad about it, but even now I ain't to sure about that. I can sure remember sweating my balls of when we were debriefed by both Octia and our lord Inquisitor. I didn't get too much of the new mission briefing with me wanting to simply get out of those offices and away from that. I'd rather face an army alone than situations like this. And I'd just have to follow Arquis as I always did, he would tell me what was needed and I would do it, simple as that.

37.23.M41 - 51.23.M41 - Lovely wasted time aboard a bulk trader

Well, the next mission consisted out of two things; One: wasting 14 days on a bulk trader to Scintilla and two: wasting three more days till we got our next orders. Oh yeah and we had to be incognito so I guess those were three things.

51.23.M41 - 54.23.M41 - More waiting?

So anything interesting happened during those days waiting in some compound on the Hive world of Scintilla? Hah, no way. boring as the dark side of the Omstrong Nebula. But Things sure changed when Scarlet got the new message, then things started to get interesting and the mission really started taking of I tell you that. Buy me another beer tomorrow and I'll give you some more friend.

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