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Session 2 (Zuka)

Explosive toxic waste

Played on April 6th, 2008
As told by Zuka

23.M41 Day 36

Still confused about the missed shot I start aiming again. I notice that Ravian runs to the entrance of the church, so it's safe to fire again. Just at the moment that i pull the trigger the flow of blood from the beast's arm gets in my sight and the shot misses him. *Sigh* The emperor is not with me today.

Before i can shoot again i hear a very loud scream, and i see a leg flying through the church, and a few seconds later another one. I start aiming at the last beast, only to fire if things go really wrong and it's worth the risk. But the others finish him easy and soon all beasts are not much more then intestines, blood and body parts on the ground.

After Novus is done with searching the parts on the ground for any technological devices, i help him together with some others to search the church, since he is the only one with light. We find the body of Vharna, one of Cortez' team members. She is dead. In the rest of the church some more body parts can be found, probably belonging to the rest of the team.

Scarlet has the idea to make a fire from wood from the church' door and put all the bodies (parts) of Cortez' team on it. Since it seems she can't be talked out of it, i decide to help some. Not that i like the idea of destroying this church even further, but Arquis said it was lost to evil already anyway.

Meanwhile Ravian and Arquis search the surroundings and tell us they found a large pile of toxic waste, which they think is the source of this all, and that they want to set it afire. Ravian takes a piece of wood from the burning corpses and walks to the toxic pile. Since i've noticed some movement in the huge pile, i aim my long las on the pile ready to shoot anything that comes out. A few seconds and a couple of huge dead rats later the pile starts to burn really well and a lot of smoke arises from it. It hurts in my throat and we decide to quickly move away.

When we are a couple of hundred meters away from the burning toxic waste pile we are suprised by a large explosion. I quickly jump to the ground. It seems that the burning toxic waste exploded, and much of it surroundings with it. Also the church has disappeared from out view.

We quickly move on and take the public transportation back to Inthios' residence. There we report to Octia about what we found and how we solved it. It seems she isn't all that happy about the destruction of the church, but understands that it was corrupted too much to service any good. After that we are requested in Inthios' room. He isn't happy about the lost of Cortez' group, but it seems to me they just weren't capable enough. He sends us on a undercover mission to the hive world Scintilla. Further intructions wil be given there. Before we leave the residence we arrange some lights for the next time that we have to performe in the dark.

That evening Arquis and i visit a weapon shop where we want to sell the shock maul that we found. We get 140 Thrones and a overcharge pack for it. I have to find someone that can put it in my gun another time, since we are leaving early tomorrow. We also arrange some beans which allow us to talk to each other within a short range.

23.M41 Day 37

I've disassembled my long las into a couple of part so it fits into a not too big case, and am travelling with Arquis and Vhadeen. The others travel alone. We're travelling with a big transport vessel and there are only 4 other passengers besides our team. During the journey we're avoiding most contact with the team members to stay incospicious. The journey takes about two weeks.

23.M41 Day 51

When we arrive we still travel seperated to the hab-block that Intios' gave us the coordinates of. Arquis seems to be able to find the way and when we arrive there, Ravian already has some coffee ready. The others arrive soon after us.

23.M41 Day 54

Not much has happened the last days. I've explored the surroundings, but not much interesting around. If nothing is going to happen today, i might start to look for some jobs. Then Scarlet calls us to come together and tells us that someone visited her fortune telling business and gave her a sealed case.

In the case are our next intructions. Tomorrow we have to be at the elevator platform at the admin quarter FG-32 at 11 in the morning.

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