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Session 6 (Ravian)

Looking for clues

Played on May 4th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

55.23.M41 – Interrogation

Rat, that’s how he’s called, explains to us that the owner of the motel told them about the new prey. If they hadn’t tried to rob us, the body snatchers would’ve come for them. No idea what those are, but it doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Vhadeen and me start searching for the owner of the motel, the second door we break down leads into the study annex bedroom. Vhadeen drags the owner, Drayelock towards the lobby and I dedicate some time to searching through the mess on the desk. All of a sudden Drayelock’s wife, the weird looking one pops up from under the bed and tries to escape. After a small mind trick she’s lying on the ground spasming. I pick her up and bring her to the lobby to join the others. Scarlet comes walking down the stairs with Rat who have just identified one of the dead people as being Roach, the leader of their gang.

The wife is tied up along with Drayelock and I head back to their room to continue my search. Not much is discovered however, beside some thrones and Drayelock’s stash of drugs. That would also explain the weird look in his eyes.

56.23.M41 – Looking for a logo

The next morning we decide to head out onto the street to look for the logo, Scarlet spotted on a piece of paper yesterday in the police station. After some time we walk past the Bar again and Arquis, Novus and me decide to check it out as a lot of noise is emanating from the inside. It’s a pretty crappy place and a brief scan shows me there are about ten people downstairs and another fourteen are also near, possibly upstairs.

We ‘discover’ the logo behind the bar where we order a drink and try to pry loose some information. Novus uses his not too subtle interrogation techniques and asks the barkeeper about disappearing people. His face betrays him, seems he does know more about it. The interrogation doesn’t go unnoticed by the other guests and soon after we’re escorted out by three bulky loudmouths. There we learn that the rest of the team has also found the logo, as it’s attached to the wall above the door. Turns out this bar is used as the Union Workers gathering place.

Novus continues his successful interrogating technique and asks a random passer-by about the Arteria, what it’s supposed to be. It turns out to be a main road leading from this hive segment to another. We decide to pay that Arteria exit a visit. There we find a guard post and a large fence which is currently in the ground and cane be raised to close down the road.

As we now don’t have any clues anymore to go on, we head back to the motel where we’re still holding the owner and his wife captive. Before entering however I head to the roof to check out where the red lights might have come from. It seems if someone wanted too, they could very easily travel along all the rooftops, going from building to building.

As the drugs have worn off by now, Novus can get some sensible conversation out of Drayelock. He tells us he works together with Luntz, a hotshot Workers Union gangster. He’s a tall guy always wearing a hat and a large scar along the side of his face. Also the local enforcers are in on the plot.

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